F1 2009 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


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Although the season is not yet over I thought it worth getting some thoughts from one and all about what you have and haven't enjoyed in 2009. I'll kick you off with:

The Good - New teams and drivers winning races
The Bad - The ban on in-season testing allowing Brawn to dominate the early part of the season
The Ugly - Flavio Briatore (for a whole host of reasons)
The Good - The competitiveness, the not knowing who's going to win a race on Thursday morning, the Australian GP!

The Bad - Lack of OT, the knowing who's going to win a race on Saturday night, the European GP!

The Ugly - Crashgate, Liegate and Breakawaygate. Max, Bernie and Flav. Eddie Jordan.
The Good
  • Watching McLaren slowly turn one of the worst cars on the grid into one of the best

The Bad
  • The FIA and their inconsistent application of the rules and penalties
  • The design restrictions which prohibit innovation and subsequently overtaking
  • The engine freeze
  • 1 tyre supplier
  • Stupid rules which force drivers to use 2 different compounds during a race even if the compounds aren't suitable
  • Rubbish circuits, especially street circuits like Valencia and Singapore
  • The testing ban which prevents teams from closing the gap and also means rookie drivers have to enter F1 with no experience of driving the car
  • Holding races at stupid times resulting in them being abandoned due to poor light
  • Bernie & Max's stranglehold on F1
  • The lack of excitement

The Ugly
  • Max Mosley's character
The Good -
The second half of the season (oh if only it had started like this)
Seeing Kers actually work (take that Eddie Jordan)
Force India's finally coming good
Max the end is near.

The Bad -
FOTA squables
Everyone getting caught on the hop by Brawn
Lewis telling porky pies
Luca Badoer
Jenson Button
Jean Todt
Empty grandstands
Dull races

The Ugly -
All concerned in crashgate
The "Free and Fair" election
The Good -

- Ferrari and Mcaren making space at the front of the grid allowing other drivers/teams to feature
- KERS, it's not been the easiest new technology into the arena, but it is good technology and 2nd half season has shown that it can work, down the road
- Bernie losing credability, with everyone
- Max stepping back
- Better consistancy of race stewardship

The Bad -

- Aero developemnts did nothing to help passing
- Scandals on scandals, egos, bias, lying, cheating. Basically complete lack of management other than by the media
- Still got inconsistence in application of the rules
- KERS not being ready, therefore a useable version as a base not being generally available
- Dumb tyre rules
- Engine, Gearbox, Rev Limits, no leeway in total weights. We already have a single make series with these restrictions, it's too tight, why not a facial hair rule?
- Bernie still there
- Max still there
- Series planned around a cheque book rather than racing

The Ugly -

- The FIA courts. Private courts, are they serious? Why bother?
- Briatore, no list of ugly is complete without him
- Johnathon Legard, please, no more!
- 2010 plans, still not enough flexibility for the teams with no indications that the FIA want F1 to be genuinely cutting edge and open
The Good -

- Brawn GP rising from the ashes to all but win both champioships
- Mclaren and Ferrari both struggling at the start of the season
- Mclaren and Ferrari both turning dogs into winners
- Oz GP
- Red Bull (and Mark Webber) finally showing they have win(g)s
- BBC coverage
- Force India scoring points
- Nearly finished Max!
- Clint Eastwood

The Bad -

- Dumb rules
- Singapore
- Valencia
- Jenson scampering away with the title (no fault of his though :thumbsup: )
- Bad circuits
- Kimi managing to take out Sutil... AGAIN
- Badoer's, Nelsonho's and Nakajima's driving skills

The Ugly-

- FOTA 'breakaway'
- Lewis (he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!) at 'liegate'
- Flavio
- Eddie Jordan's shirts
- Felipe Massa's eye
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