F1 - 1981 - Driver Monitoring


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In Ask the Apex there was a question about monitoring equipment used on drivers to measure blood pressure, heart rate etc. and I promised to try and find and article from Grand Prix International from 1981. Here it is...

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I would have 40 years of Autosport but I ditched half of my collection moving house 23 years ago (it was then all of it - in case the mathematicians started scratchin' y'heads:))
GPI stopped publication after about 10 years and I think I have them all ('79 to '89) and a few Le Man specials but it lost it's way when it started getting into rallying. I limit myself to the Autocourse annual for my F1 fix now rather than magazines and the internet is so much easier to access - thanks to my missus I have Autocourse from '78 to current, brilliant books.
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