DRS - how to make it fair

The point of racing is to be ahead when the chequered flag waves, not the whole time.

Still, I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of DRS myself. But with proper tires, current aero rules and no DRS there would be very little passing. I see it as a lesser evil compared to marshmallow tires.
Hamilton backing off just before DRS line to try to get DRS from Alonso. Alonso reacting just in time. I maintain that these two are the best in the game.


Wouldn't know how to "make DRS fairer but one definite way F1 could be made more entertaining for TV audiences would be to tune drivers' radio signals... to each other rather than just their pit!
Wouldn't that be grand?

"You can pass me there Fernando, my tyres are shot anyway"
"Yeah yeah nice try sunshine"
Has DRS had it's day? In today's race there was very little, if any, overtaking down to DRS. With the new energy systems drivers seem to be able to cancel it to a large extent.

Examples are Alonso not being able to get past Vettel despite clearly being quicker, then after the first pit stops Vettel was unable to make any impact on Alonso. The same was happening down the field and between team mates. Presumably the energy systems were being used to get to the point where the engine was being rev limited, maybe the teams will be looking at longer gear ratios.

It would be nice to see the death of DRS though.
Have I mentioned that in 3.5 World Series thay give them 59 seconds of DRS use per race to use whenever they want?

In todays race we saw it put too great use both in attack and defence not to mention the tactical element we saw when one of the drivers picked off a couple of guys at the end because he'd managed to save some of his.

Its such a simple application of the system and is the only fair way to implement it. They could even roll it over and give them a limited time of use for the weekend meaning a driver has the choice whether to use it in quali and get grid position and save it for the race.

Its a simple solution and one that is already being used in a feeder series. Why on earth F1 do not adopt this system I really have no idea.
Well yes, gethinceri that would be the simplest solution (besides just getting rid of it all together) but the simplest solution usually isn't the best solution. I do like the idea of limited amount of time to use it in the race, although I would like to see more than 59 seconds (couldn't they just round up to 60?) But as for including qualifying in there, that just seems like overcomplication.
No, RasputinLives, the simplest solution is to allow it wherever, whenever and for as long as the driver chooses.

Well yes. But the limited time period adds a great element of tactics and overtaking oppotuities too it whilst not making overtaking easy and a certainty.

soccerman17 the 3.5 series races ate only 45 mins long so in F1 terms it woukd probably be double that.
I wonder if some people might experiment with flashing it open for like half a second at a time out of corners to improve acceleration. Physics suggests that might be faster on tracks that don't have very long straights.
Why are we talking about x-seconds of use per race when the majority seem to be calling for less restrictive rules?
The more silly limitations that teams have to meet the more scope for post race disputes and people moaning that they don't know who's won for weeks...
Well purely and simply the system is set up in 3.5 that if you ain't got no time left it don't open whether you press the button or not.

Exactly the same as currently in F1 you can't open DRS unless you're in the active zone.

So no after race red tape.
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