Driver of the day - Monza

Who is your driver of the day?

  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Robert Kubica

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  • Kimi Räikkönen

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Nelsinho Piquet

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  • Sebastian Vettel

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  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Kazuki Nakajima

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  • David Coulthard

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  • Sebastien Bourdais

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  • Jenson Button

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  • Giancarlo Fisichella

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  • Adrian Sutil

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Vettel by a mile. Didn't put a foot wrong. Under a lot of pressure in very difficult conditions he kept it all together. What's more as the track dried out and the performance advantage of the other cars should have shown he still kept it all together.

I've gone for Vettel as all weekend he was fastest, although LH gets an honourable mention.

SV benefitted from not having to drive through spray but that was because he was fastest in qualifying and stuck it on pole.

I truly believe however if LH hadn't had to pit again for inters, he would have won the race.
That was a no brainer Vettel all the way, had a simply stunning weekend, well done TR!

But again what happened to Kimi.. another average race and still managed fastest lap again!

Good agressive drive by lewis, but cooked two sets of tyres again, not sure he would have run had it rained again, but each to there own opinion
Got to be young Vettel. I've been waiting for him to show us something special, some sign. I think we definitely got it today!
Got to be Hamilton in my opinion, yes Vettel did tremendously to win the race with a slower car.
However Hamilton had to keep it together in more dificult circumstances with traffic and spray, and managed to gain 8 places in the race, he was one of only a handful of drivers who managed to gain. If it wasn't for the fact he stopped for another set of tyres he would have won, he was catching Vettel in the latter half of the race. He also showed a bit of muscle out there really battling to get his car through and did it brilliantly, driving right on the edge and staying in the race. Excellent. :cheer:
I've gone for Hamilton because he did that charging through the field thing that has already become his trademark. Every lap was exciting because Hammy was on a charge. SV sat at the front and did a perfect job. HK and FM were nothing like as impressive while Kimi just faffed around like an OAP.

Obviously it couldn't have been anyone other than Vettel or Hamilton for Driver of the Day. But you've got to feel sorry for Bourdais?
Hamilton I am afraid. For me the pleasure is in the winning, but the excitement is in the racing.

Excellent result for Vettel, but qualifying was a lottery and starting behind the safety car meant that he was not put under pressure at the start. After that he did an excellent job of staying at the front. If he had qualified mid-field then I reckon that is where he would have finished.

Hamilton provided just about all the excitement during the race and if the weather forecast had been more accurate he could have won.
Vettel. not even open to discussion.

this is a car which has been at the last place for eons and now they won. No, Vettel won. Anyone who cannot see that Vettel pushed this car to the limits and beyond in my world cannot call themselves true F1 fans, the last time anyone showed this in F1 was James Hunt in the '70-ies and I doubt if we will see anything like this again in a long long time. So we saw something which only happens once per generation. A thing we may very well tell out children and grand children about one day.

LH, interesting. Especially cos after Fuji all the observers who noted he drove without any spray, were nearly killed by some other people cos LH was 'amazing'. Now the tables are turned, he is still amazing and Vettel only won cos he didn't experience spray. LH did not deliver by any means a performance as unique as what Vettel did. Schumey once almost won a race stuck in 5th gear for almost the entire the race and Rubinho once started 18th and won.

So from a historical perspective, the man of the race and maybe even the season is Vettel. No one else could have driven that car the same way. Not even LH.
Boga - how are we to judge how Hamilton would drive a back-of-the-grid car? He's never done it, mate!

Hamilton's performance in Fuji was fantastic.

His performance last week wasn't bad, but I would say Vettel because his car wasn't the best and he was pulling away from Kovali in the best car on the grid.

If Hamilton had won the race, that's a different story, but there's still the inescapable business that it was his ruddy fault he was in 15th and Title Challengers don't take daft risks like that if they want to become Titlists!
TBY: i disagree about LH being fantastic in Fuji, to me that day belonged to KR who showed braveness i have rarely seen on an F1 circuit.

But whatever it was Ferrari and McLaren were doing in Q2 of Monza will remain one of those mysteries. Amazing even the bigger teams cannot get it right at times, Human after all... :)
I think Alonso drove his pants off until mechanicals brought it to a stop. Piquet couldn't get into the second session, who thought Alonso woundn't be challenging for the front row!

And I don't like the guy!
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