David Croft ranks the current drivers from best to worst, if they were all driving the same car


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I've been trying to resist coming up with a list for myself but I've given up so here it is (based on the current 24 drivers):.

Really good poll Sush. Nearly same as me other than I'd put 1= for the first 3 as being a wuss I won't make a decision. I drop Rosberg and Kovi down a bit and bung Rubens up a little but other than that its all good!


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Also that one retirement of Petrov's was because of Petrov seemingly attempting to become the first man to fly a lap around the Sepang circuit.

ANYWAY, I've argued about Heidfeld on enough different threads. A disproportionate ammount for a guy who's an ex-f1 driver. It's hirtory now.

Petrov's had two retirements, and had to take avoiding action in Monaco due a train of cars making errors and then had nowhere to go instead of the barrier, cost him several points there aswell...

And what's "hirtory"? :dunno:LOL

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Hi chaps

For those that didn't see: you can click each number and there is a pop up with David's comment on each driver e.g. for Nico Rosberg "Consistent and performing well at Mercedes. Dealt with the pressures of having Michael Schumacher as a team mate and has picked up podiums when the car has had the pace to do so."

Ofc, the piece was written a bit earlier in the season, so you now have a bit more info to go on than David did

Glad you liked the article, hopefully we can keep writing things that are interesting to talk about

Cheers from Podium


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As several people have mentioned already, it was put together 2 or 3 months ago, and obviously the fortunes of some drivers has changed a lot in that time - it makes a heck of a lot more sense when considered in that light.
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