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Audi have been at it again, this time demonstrating their new light technology at the E3 show. Some of it fairly ordinary and not exciting like LED headlamps which will alter the warmth of the light to match the driving conditions and provide best visibility in all circumstances. Some of it middle of the road such as the use of Laser Diodes as rear lights on a car which project no only a visible red light but also a line on the road marking safe stopping distance depending on the speed of the car.

What really interests me is their use of OLED technology to remove the rear light clusters on a car altogether and turn the body work into the light. Audi Swarm just looks amazing, especially when you consider there is no bulb to blow out so better safety, but imagine seeing something like this on the back of the car in front of you. It also changes the movement based upon turning, braking, speed etc. I want one now...

Nice, is it road legal? Toying with the idea of building a kit car and something like that for the rear lights would be brilliant.
No idea on the legalities just yet, they were demoed by Audi as their future vision at E3 over the last week or so, so not sure if anyone has done the legwork for MOT etc on top of it as yet, basically the only place they are available is on the back of an Audi concept car of which apparently there are only 4 made, so doubt it would be that easy to get hold of the lights right now ;)
Cheers canis. By the time I'm likely to have finished building a kit car they will be fitting these on a Tata Nano LOL
Imagine what that system would add to the cost of the car. Even worse, imagine the cost of repair if the car was involved in a rear-ender!
siffert_fan stop being so sensible :P Though having had a chat with someone in the know the up front costs are likely to be more which is down to the wiring and control systems, the installation is simpler (single piece of body work and less need for adjustment to line up different parts) and the cost of repair for the body work is likely to be lower due to it being a single part :)
Who cares about the cost, I want the version with a keyboard - can you imagine how much fun it would be writing messages.

Of course, the downside is plain clothes polices cars would no longer need lights bars in the parcel shelf :(
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