Car for sale!!!


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Can anyone lend me a few quid?

The Formula One car that took legendary driver James Hunt to his first Grand Prix race
victory is to be sold at Silverstone Auctions’ 23 July event, during the Silverstone Classic

Giving both James Hunt and Hesketh Racing their first Grand Prix win at the 1975 Dutch
Grand Prix in Zandvoort, and the only race victory for Hesketh, chassis 308/2 is the most
famous and prolifically raced Hesketh car. With 23 Grand Prix starts, 17 of which were
driven by James Hunt, 308/2 is the last privately entered car to win a Grand Prix without
commercial sponsorship. The white car with red and blue stripes and famous Hesketh
Racing teddy bear logo remained in team principal Lord Hesketh’s private ownership until


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Nah, but I have a collection of 1p and 2p's though, I would gladly donate them to you as they are just lying there LOL

Car looks like a racing car from Space!


Cars for sale? Mine is currently on Auto******
530i anyone?


p.s. I think this is on topic if the title is anything to go by... :)

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Whilst wandering along towards the homeward bound gate at Rome airport yesterday we came across the Ferrari shop. There was a 2001 engine in there, it wasn't for sale. However there were various bits of 2001 memorabilia which were.

Top item was a steering wheel at 2,400 euros. Then there was a piston and con rod assembly, struggling over the price but 660 euros rings a bell. For cheapskates there was a piston without the con rod to say nothing of valves. Everything has a signed certificate for authenticity.

Fortunately it was the end of the holiday so I was all spent out. I would only buy official Minardi bits anyway.


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If you bought it, you would only get in trouble racing Prince Phillip in it!


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You can pay for it with a postal order......I’ll just pop back to the 70's for one if those then.
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