Camier Wins


Wow, just under a year since Leon's horrible crash at Cadwell Park took him out of racing for the rest of the season he has finally won his first race

Well done kid :cheers:
well done Leon,

Ive missed most of the BSB this year because of it being on at unresonable hours :(

Isnt it amazing how these people just bounce back from injuries like that and seem to be unaffected, Im pretty sure Drivers/riders must be alien most of us would never race again after that,
I've not seen one race this year - feckin' TV station

I think the damage done to their bonce makes them faster - lol

Whats this game anyway? looks fun!
well it does exactly what it says on the tin really,
Its a f1 manager game

You create a team by signing up, and you build/devlop the car, sign up the best drivers whilst making sure you keep your finaces good and try and move up the divisons and then try and win the Divison 1 title. The season lasts 13 weeks and you race one a week, (testing: wed and thurs, quali: fri sat, Race sundays) 10 races, and 10 teams in each league, and the top team gets promoted, its similar to GPRO if you know what that is but better because its more like managing a real team, rather then signing one driver, and so on!
its really worth a bash if you like that sort of thing, and if you do sign up use my link ;) cuz it helps me out a little.
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