BTCC BTCC RWD cars to have spec' 1st gear


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Yet more meddling in motorsport by those in charge.

The RWD cars in BTCC are deemed to have an unfair advantage when it comes to starts so they are going to be forced to run a spec' 1st gear which is longer.

Series director Alan Gow has mandated that cars such as the BMW 320si, will have to run a 'spec' first gear that will be longer than that used by front-wheel drive machines, and should ensure that both cars can leave the line as quickly as each other.

This seems unfair on the RWD cars to me.
After all there are disadvantages and advantages to running both FWD and RWD.

I don't recall the FWD cars being hobbled when they were winning the BTCC year after year...
Makes you wonder why they bother running a series at all when performance gets equalised like this.

As you say, there are advantages and disadvantages to both layouts and this kind of change seems wholly unnecessary.

Can't stand all this spec stuff in what are supposed to be non-spec series'. Just go the whole hog and make it entirely spec if that's what they really want.
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