British GP Highlight Thread

Thanks Keke, I was lucky enough to be there in 1981 but I've never actually seen the TV coverage as it took so long to get out of Silverstone the BBC highlights program had already been on and we didn't have a video recorder.

Let's kick this thread off with a classic race from 1981. Here is my highlight package from this incredible race at Silverstone.

Nice highlight......It's real scary to see how far forward that the drivers sat during that period.

I liked Alan Jones comment of, " moveable chicanes with their 800 horsepower ".

Good stuff.
Excellent GP Keke - My first GP!

Saw the hare - gutted they missed Piquet's accident - I travelled home under "armalat 5" after they opened the circuit to scavengers after the race...
Just in case anybody is interested, I've tallied the overtaking figures for the 1981 race.

28 Overtakes

Lap 2
Arnoux (Renault) on Villeneuve (Ferrari) for P3
de Angelis (Lotus) on Cheever (Tyrrell) for P18
de Angelis (Lotus) on Jarier (Osella) for P17
Cheever (Tyrrell) on Jarier (Osella) for P18

Lap 3
Arnoux (Renault) on Pironi (Ferrari) for P2
Piquet (Brabham) on Villeneuve (Ferrari) for P4
Patrese (Arrows) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P14

Lap 5
Piquet (Brabham) on Pironi (Ferrari) for P3
Watson (McLaren) on Laffite (Ligier) for P9
Rebaque (Brabham) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P12
Borgudd (ATS) on Jarier (Osella) for P16

Lap 6
Watson (McLaren) on Tambay (Ligier) for P7

Lap 7
de Angelis (Lotus) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P10

Lap 8
Rebaque (Brabham) on Patrese (Arrows) for P10

Lap 10
Patrese (Arrows) on Rebaque (Brabham) for P10

Lap 12
Watson (McLaren) on Andretti (Alfa) for P5

Lap 13
Watson (McLaren) on Reutemann (Williams) for P4

Lap 14
Watson (McLaren) on Pironi (Ferrari) for P3
Cheever (Tyrrell) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P10

Lap 15
Patrese (Arrows) on Laffite (Ligier) for P6

Lap 16
de Angelis (Lotus) on Rebaque (Brabham) for P8

Lap 18
Surer (Theodore) on Jarier (Osella) for P13
Surer (Theodore) on Borgudd (ATS) for P12

Surer (Theodore) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P10
Borgudd (ATS) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P11

Lap 20
Jarier (Osella) on Rosberg (Fittipaldi) for P12

Lap 38
Patrese (Arrows) on Andretti (Alfa) for P4

Lap 61
Rebaque (Brabham) on Borgudd (ATS) for P8
Bumping this thread for those who may want to watch some Early 80's Silverstone action. Also for those who may want to post some clips of their own.
The 81 race is great. Apart from the Woodcote chicane, it's just like Grand Prix Legends. Charlie would have had fun with the ton of jumped starts.

Catch fencing: designed to either shred the car ( like Rommel's Asparagus in WW2- that wasn't cars, obviously), or wrap the driver in layers of chicken wire, so that in the event of a fire he'd be nicely done before anyone arrived with the wirecutters....:(

Thanks Keke, nice vids!
Was anyone else at Silverstone?

I was at club which gave me a great view for the race, lots of overtaking.

Best of all though was Vettel crawling to a halt in front of me hahahahahaha. I don't know if it was shown on TV but everone in the stands was cheering when Vettel came to a halt and we were all doing the vettel finger ;)

That moment alone was worth going for.

Was it shown on TV that the safety car nearly ran into Vettels stationary car?

Those final few laps were very exciting, quite a long time after all but the last 2 cars had crossed the finish line a marrusia and a caterham came flying through stowe/vale/club fighting wheeel to wheel to the finish line and everyone was cheering them on.
Everybody remembers the 1987 British Grand Prix, but the Qualifying Session was pretty good too. So here is Saturday Quali basically in its entirety.

Man I wish I had more Qualifying footage from 1985. The BBC needs to release this stuff on DVD somehow! Seeing Rosberg manhandling the FW10 and Senna taming the 97T is simply majestic.

I just had a look at the quali data from 1985 and it really is unbelievable how great Rosberg and Senna were at qualifying those beasts with the engine turned up full boost.

Rosberg's average Grid Position was 3.8 in 1985. Mansell's was 5.7. (30.4 positions over 16 races)
Senna's average Grid Position was 3. de Angelis was fully 3 spots back with 6.1. (49.6 positions over 16 races)

For reference, the 85 Champion Alain Prost averaged a grid position of 5.
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