Book: 1982 - Christopher Hilton


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A wonderful review of one of the most exciting, bizzare and tragic Grands Prix seasons. The return of Niki Lauda, the deaths of Gilles Villeneuve & Riccardo Paletti, the tragic accident which befell Didier Pironi, Keke Rosberg crowned world champion (with only one win) in a car park in Las Vegas, 5 cars lead the Monaco Grand Prix in the closing laps

This was Christopher Hilton's first season as a Grand Prix journalist and he only started covering races in Detroit, race 7 of the season; however, he has obvioulsy done a great deal of reserach and interviews to give a flavour of the season. I have special memories of this season as, as spotty youth, I was lucky enough to be a Brands Hatch to see Niki Lauda win but also to see Derek Warwick (in a light fueled Toleman) show Didier Pironi how it's done - the crowd went wild!

There is a touch of the Autocourse about the format but it has great interviews and photographs not from the usual sources. If you weren't lucky enough to live through this season first hand I recommend this book to give you a great insight into what went on.
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