Best overtakes of 2012


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Before doing a poll and unlike last year I've decided that this time I'll ask you to name as many best overtakes from this year that you can remember. Then once I have a top 5 of the most popular overtakes a poll will take place.

So over to you guys to impress me and make me remember those overtakes all over again :).
Jenson on Kimi at Austin is one that immediately springs to mind - the DRS allowed him to get close but he had to work to make the actual pass and then hung it round the outside to make it stick. Both drivers also showed great skill in not causing a collision.

Also, a mention for Grosjean overtaking the entire field at Spa :)
:snigger: Perez on both Ferrari's at Monza ... feted as a Ferrari product ... about to drive for the enemy next season ...

(just for the symbolism)
Raikkonen on Hulkenberg at Austin was rather good.

RickD I wouldn't count that as an overtake TBH, Massa was letting Alonso past and then simply kept Webber on the outside so that he could do nothing about Alonso. Great piece of team-work yes, great overtake no. (IMO of course.)
Vettel on Rosberg in Australia.
Maldonado/Grosjean mega battle in China.
Alonso on Grosjean in Valencia.
Raikkonen on Di Resta in Hockenheim.
Raikkonen on Schumacher in Spa.
Massa on Senna in Singapore.
Hulkenberg on Hamilton/Grosjean in Korea.
Vettel on Button in Abu Dhabi.
Raikkonen on Schumacher in Brazil.
Massa on Kobayashi in Brazil.

There are many more, I'm quite sure Massa had a few more in Brazil but I can't remember as the race was hectic. :)
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