Best 2007 Rookie of the Year

Who is the best second seasoner of the year?

  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Anthony Davidson

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Following on from "Best Rookie of the Year", who is the best "Second Seasoner of the Year". Again, I'm going to be realistic (Nakajima is counted as 2008 debut, Kubica counted as 2006)

Possibly more to follow if good response.

Personally I think LH has been excellent and just edges out Vettel!
I've voted for Lewis. He's out driven Heiki in most races (ok it's his second season with Mclaren to Heiki's one, but still..) and he tops the driver table. Sure, he's driving for a top team and he's made a few mistakes, but he's driving on the edge - it's proven more successful than not...

Davidson's been crocked by the Super Aguri saga. Sutil may prove a force in the future, but whether that's Force India is open to question. Vettel has out performed Indycar champ Bourdais, but still a little below what would constitute a star in an ordinary car... He is improving though, so next season in the Red Bull may see him shine.
Hamilton, unsurprisingly, tops the poll at the moment, with one dissenter who voted for Anthony Davidson! Sorry to inform you but he's not raced since Spain...

Guess he's made no mistakes since Spain!
After some thought for me it has to be Heiki.

Lewis is driving at a level that we have come to expect. He has continued his form from last year but he hasn't got rid of those mistakes that would lift him up another level.

Heiki on the other hand has been under a great deal of pressure since he started in F1. This season was always going to be make or break for him. After the Alonso/Hamilton affair everyone was wondering how Heiki would cope by being alongside Lewis. He seems to be coping well and now that he has his first win under his belt he can go on to better things. He is definitly driving better than he did last year so has improved by a greater margin than Hamilton.

After the last handful of races, especially the European, why wouldn't it be vettel? But him in the merc with hamilton and i think hami fans could be suprised
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