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I just read on BBC that Bernie wants the Melbourne GP to become a night race lest it be cut from the calendar when the contract is out. Why would you mess with the spectacle of the Australian GP? It is one of my favorites every year, especially that it is on so late/early in the morning and therefor becomes an event to enjoy.

Surely other eastern grand prix are held during the same time slot as Australia but he is not calling for them to be a night race. Here is to Australia keeping their current slot and holding strong! Come on lads!
Hang on, you mean Bernie has made a contradictory headline in the build up to the start of the season...... Surely not!
OK, I shall start by saying I thought night races were absolutely bananas until Singapore, but I actually think its been a success and not that bad to have something a little 'unusual'. Whatever is said about Bernie, and not a lot of it is nice, you can't take away from thim the fact that an ENORMOUS amount of money is now generated out of F1 and, for better or for worse, he was the key architect of that.
How does setting up millions of candela of light over the course of a weekend's racing make F1 more appealing to the state government which is already under huge pressure regarding the cost of hosting the Grand Prix? Idiotic. Think it through, he's blowing smoke up so many arses.
Bernie has been pushing for Australia to move to a night race for some time. The problem with the current start time is a) if there is a delay of any kind the race will end in the dark and b) even at the current finish time drivers are complaining about reduced visibility due to how low the sun is.

For me there are two option - a night race or start it at a sensible, local, time.
This seems more like Bernie opening the door to another Australian venue taking over from Melbourne to me - I just can't see the Albert Park locals going for the extra disruption that a night race would bring, and I think Bernie's getting weary of all the prevaricating and nimby-ism that seems to surround the Melbourne race these days. It's his standard negotiating tactic - threaten to take away his ball unless they agree to play his way - and it almost always works: look at Silverstone, for example!
No kidding. If European F1 fans can't get up/stay up for the season opener, then its a sad state of affairs.

I used to get up for f1 races, but that time is behind me now. The weekend's is the only time to sleep late. And to wake up for a race in which nothing happens but cars just driving behind each other, just doesn't do it for me.

+Now that that f1 isn't on the BBC anymore, I'm gonna download the races from SKY anyway. Belgian f1 commentators are total crap.
I'm too old to be getting up at stupid o'clock these days, especially after having had no sleep the night before due to a certain little lady keeping me awake all night.

As for the topic, as has already been said, this is typical Bernie; "It''s my way or the highway", or not as the case may be.

Night races = crap.
Hmm night races do lose their amusement after a while but the cars look excellent under the lights of Singapore. I wonder what a wet race at Singapore would be like... presumably wet and dark.
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