Bernie being Investigated


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Just breaking on Sky News, something about his sale of F1 in Germany?

State prosectutors want to interview Bernie on the F1 sale in 2006. In January this year a banker involved in sale was arrested in Munich, confirmed he received a $50m bung to assist the sale.

Of course there are no insinuation that Bernie is involved, just he needs to be interviewed.
Nothing of any consequence.Naturally the police would want to talk to Bernie as he was involved in the transaction.
But he is not really involved in the investigation.The police are just carrying out routine procedures.
Not a surprise really.

One thing that bothered me:
"Gribkowsky, a former chief risk officer for state-owned BayernLB, was arrested in January and remains in a Munich jail awaiting a decision by the prosecutor about whether to press charges"

I believe we can't keep anyone in jail for that long without charging them - whatever they are accused of!
My opinion has not changed.
I don't think that Bernie is anything more than a witness.Obviously he would be interviewed as he was involved in the transaction.
non new news IMOP.Aunty beeb late to the party as usual.

Why have we got a new thread on the same subject.?:crazy:
Hmmm wonder if its related to this in any way.Some one turned some stones over.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is in talks with Carlos Slim, said to be the world's richest man, about making a joint bid for the control of Formula One motor racing – one of the few major commercial sports in which it has yet to gain a foothold.
The bid was, according to Sky News, in the early stages, with News Corp in talks about forming a consortium that would include the Mexican billionaire.
It would also be the first time that the global media group, which currently owns the rights to most live Premier League football, had taken over an entire sport and could be a major blow for the BBC.
The BBC counts F1 as the last major sport – unprotected by legislation governing its broadcast – over which it has sole broadcasting rights in the UK.
It secured the television rights to show Formula One in the UK from the 2009 season as part of a five-year deal covering all platforms and can broadcast F1 on the BBC Sport website as well as on TV and radio. However, senior managers have questioned whether the £40m a year cost of the contract is worth it at a time the BBC needs to make savin
If F1 went to sky sports I wouldn't be watching it, as I just couldn't justify the cost of the sky sports channels for a single event :(
Ha. A joke or what....

Sky would be so biased in what they say if they held the rights of F1.

Personally I have Sky already mainly because of Sky Sports, but for F1 I dont think so... BBC and ITV are better ideas as they provide a better platform, service, and coverage to a wider range of people.
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