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Strap yourself in for 30 questions.

1. Who won the F1 world drivers championship in 2007?
Kimi Raikkonen

2. What instrument did Damon Hill Play back in the days of the Jordan Team Rock Band.
Guitar band.png

3. Name all 3 podium finishers in Hungary this year for 1 point.
Lewis, Nico, Daniel

4. Who is this? driver.png
Rio Haryanto

5. What year did F1 last have refuelling?

6. How many WDC F1 races did Jackie Stewart win 27, 29 or 32

7. What was the last year F1 went to Brands Hatch?

8. For half a point each, who drove for Toyota in their final season in 2009.
Glock and Trulli

9. Juan Manuel Fangio won 5 F1 WDC world championships. But how many years was he active for in F1?
8. (1950-1951, 1953-1958)

10. For half a point each, which 2 teams did Robert Kubica race for before his accident forced early retirement?
BMW Sauber & Renault

11. Where is the last race of 2016 being held?
Abu Dhabi

12. What year was Charlie Whiting appointed FIA Race Director?

13. Name the track track.png
Spa Francorchamps

14. Whats the atomic number of Chlorine?

15. How many times did Nigel Mansell win the British Grand Prix?
4 times

16. Jim Clark won it 5 times for the same team. Which team?

17. What 3 year period did we race at Phoenix in the US of A

18. A full point if you can name either of the 2 championships Felipe Nasr has won.
2009 Formula BMW Europe, 2011 British Formula 3

19. How many years did Lewis spend in GP2?
Just the 1, 2006 champion

20. What shampoo brand did Jenson Button advertise?
Head and Shoulders

21. Crashgate in 2008 gave Alonso his first win that year after Nelson Piquet Junior admitted he had crashed under team orders. What year were the revelations made?
2009 after Piquet was fired 2/3rds the way through the season

22. Who replaced Nelson Piquet Jnr at Renault
Romain Grosjean

23. How old is Bernie?
85. Born Feb 22nd 1928

24. What is Mark Webbers Twitter handle?

25. State the current F1 points system correctly in full for 1 point.
25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

26. How many race’s in a row did Rosberg win at the start of this year?

27. Which race did Max win?

28. What’s further east Baku, Moscow, Kuwait or Bahrain

29. Has motor racing ever been in the olympics?

30. Final question. What is a ‘Mash Tun’
A very large tank used to stir and break down the barley in whisky making. Mmmm whisky. Mashing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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