Belgium - the top 2010 drivers


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With Kimi Raikkonen dominating the Belgian GP for the last couple of years, it is difficult to see who the successful drivers other than Raikkonen have been. So here is my guide to the Belgian GPs since 2005 - and which 2010 drivers have reoccurred!

2005 - [color=#0066CC]ALO[/color] BUT [color=#0000FF]WEB[/color]
2007 - [color=#FF0000]MAS[/color] [color=#777777]ALO HAM[/color]
2008 - [color=#FF0000]MAS[/color] [color=#777777]HAM[/color] [color=#0066CC]ALO[/color]
2009 - [color=#000066]VET[/color] [color=#0099CC]KUB[/color] [color=#777777]KOV[/color]

It is interesting to note that there has never been a podium of 2010 drivers at the Belgian GP. Of last year's front 3 rows, half the drivers are now out of F1 (Fisichella, Heidfeld, Raikkonen).

It seems that Ferrari have had a good time at any rate, winning their last 3 attempts and a one-two in 2007. But, it remains less than obvious who will succeed Raikkonen as King of Spa, or whether Schumi will reclaim the crown.
Brogan said:
At the risk of reopening old wounds, Massa didn't "win" the 2008 Belgian GP...

OK, OK, OK. My opinion on this is published on many disjointed areas of this site, and it stands. Just seems no-one is particularly strong (bar Schuey) at Spa with the King of Spa now not on the grid.
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