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in another thread we are discussing wether or not Trulli got rightly reinstalled or not. My view on this is simply, yes he was cos all the stewards had to go on as evidence was what Hamilton and Trulli told them.

then i ran into this on

"One other question which really should be addressed is how a sport that is supposed to be so sophisticated and technologically advanced still has stewards' hearings where there are no transcripts of the radio calls. Why was this whole matter not addressed at the beginning of the process?

One can argue that the best way forward would be to open the stewards' meetings to other teams and the media so that the process can be seem to done."

does anyone have the rule and regulations of stewards meetings cos that would be interesting.

i think that what is mentioned in this quaote regarding another format of steward's meetings is the right way forward.
Well the stewards currently choose to only release the information which supports their decision as far as I can tell.

Taking the Hamilton-Trulli incident:
They have released the radio transcript from McLaren for example but not from Toyota.
They have not released telemetry data from either car which would prove 100% whether Hamilton slowed and to what speed and whether Trulli accelerated to overtake him.
The fact that have not released this data speaks volumes and only reinforces my opinion that the stewards' case would be undermined by it.

Getting back to the bigger picture, if F1 wants to clean up it's act then the following needs to happen:

All stewards meetings should be recorded and a transcript published.
For ANY incident during a race, telemetry, radio and video data should be reviewed before making any decisions.
Any drivers involved in the incident should be present, along with the team managers when the date is reviewed.
Any decisions taken must be backed up with hard facts and reasons and not just "in the opinion of the stewards" - that's just not acceptable in a business involving as much money as F1.
For all other incidents such as cars being excluded for illegal bodywork etc, then full and detailed explanations, video and diagrams where possible and necessary should be published.
More clarity and explanation of decisions would be beneficial.

I also think the regulations themselves could be made considerably clearer too - the nature of specific offences should be outlined and the associated penalty for a breach. This was half the trouble at Spa.

I'm not in favour of stewards' meetings being held with the media present though, I think that would inhibit the participants from giving full and honest disclosures.

Perhaps a transcript could be produced after the race and approved by all parties, who could only have something redacted from the official report if it was something they could justifiably want to be kept secret (details of particular cars etc.)
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