And your specialist subject: Answering the question before last..... (part 2)


Carrying on from the previous quiz - all the rules are in part 1 - Part 1 is here.
Again it's out of ten.
Question ten was:
There have only been two female F1 drivers (by that I mean those who have started a championship F1 race). Name one of them.

Sebastian Vettel

Who won the 2004 Belgian Grand Prix?

Lella Lombardi or Maria Teresa de Filippis

How many cars retired as a direct consequence of the first-lap-collision at the 1994 German Grand Prix?
Kimi Raikkonen
How old is Michael Schumacher (at the date of this quiz)?
How many times has the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix been held?
How old is the oldest ever F1 driver?
How many F1 points has Narain Karthikeyan scored in his career?
Who drove the car #5 in the 1993 F1 season?
Who was the 2009 F1 World Champion?
Michael Schumacher

Beep-Beep-Beep..... I've started so I'll finish....

Which F1 driver famously starred in a Pizza Hut advert?
Jenson Button

Damon Hill of course!
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