And that's it from Fuji?


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It would now seem that The Fuji circuit can no longer afford to meet CVCs ransom, sorry, asking price to stage a GP which will throw the 2010 Japanese GP in doubt.

Of course the teams and fans enjoyed the racing at Suzuka hence Bernie and Co felt the need to do something about that a few years ago and transfer the race to the far less impressive and popular Mt Fuji circuit (money as usual). Hopefully Suzuka will be in a position to take the race back otherwise there could be no Japanese GP at all in 2010 (unless Aida is still considered a suitable circuit?)

One of the few areas that FOTA had spot on in their bun fight with the FIA was the cost of hosting a GP is far too high. This has been discussed before and we all know the reasons why but I fear the situation is going to get worse in the future. Just look at the tracks and countries we have lost as a result.
The writing's been on the wall for a while.
Sadly it's just another casualty in the Bernie roadshow.

Hopefully Suzuka will now host it every year but something really needs to be done about the cost of hosting GPs.

Of course the reason the cost is so high is due to the massive debt that CVC has to service.
What a shame that F1 has been taken over by accountants, lawyers and bankers

So we've lost North America, may lose Japan, already lost France and possibly UK (depending on how Bernie's feeling at any particular time).
All we'll have left soon is a few races in Europe and the rest in the Middle/Far East.

In some ways I wish FOTA had just pushed ahead with their breakaway...
Sad news indeed and I agree that it will be racing in deserts to empty stands before too long :(
Does it strike you that the two circuits to pull out in the last few weeks have been circuits in rotation deals i.e. Fuji and Hockenheim. Maybe Suzuka and the Nurburgring have come to some sort of arrangement?
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