Alonso's DRS in China


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there was a slightly worrying aspect to Alonso's DRS problem in China.
He wasn't penalised for the flap opening outside the allocated zone because the problem was deemed to have hampered rather given him an advantage (it was opening later thannormal in the straight) but it would be interesting to know whether it was caused by the FIA-sanctioned device, or its installation in the car If the system's reliability leaves something to be desired it would be a scary thought for a driver to have the thing suddenly open by itself in the middle of a fast curve?
Fernando's DRS also malfunctioned last week in Malaysia also, it wasn't opening in the zone. Perhaps his collision with Lewis was also caused by it suddenly opening in the wrong place.

If there are any more instances of this then perhaps the system is fundamentally unsafe and will have to be banned. :cheer:
My prayers are being answered! LOL
As I was saying it is dangerous, and they don't even know what is causing these malfunctions. Until they do they should bin it. >:(
I'm fairly sure more than a few of us raised concerns such as this when we first heard about the system.
When software is involved, it's entirely possible, and indeed likely, that there will be bugs, glitches and random errors.
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