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  • Knees bend, arms stretch, rah rah rah

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  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

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  • The three wise monkeys take a break.

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  • Argument about who had superior tyres

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  • "Top 3 drivers carry out protest about team orders during F1 'Simon says' championship"

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  • "So," thinks Jens "if I had visualised the track the other way round, just maybe ...."

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  • Hamilton ... glue on the hand trick

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  • Peter Crouch style robot dance

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  • damm, I forgot, is it right or left hand finger this time round

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  • Smiling worriedly to himself, Fernando wonders whether to tell Seb that he's missing Jenson

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  • "Seb, why not stand behind me like that?"

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  • "Flippin 'eck, I'm knackered...!"

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Thankyou, Brogan, for pointing out this picture:


Caption time?
Alonso - I def had the superior tyres before the red flag
Vettel - Theres no way my tyres would have gone off even without the red flag
Button - I SOOOO had the superior tyres before the red flag
After 14 entries, a long awaited mention of Peter Crouch and several finger jokes, it is time for you, the Apex Clipping public to decide who takes the honours.
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