Alonso adamant he will win title this year

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Young Fernando seems to in a bit of a dream world, as he is convinced he can be the WDC winner this year. Not quite sure which planet he's on, having failed to score a point this weekend, but we all have to have our dreams and aspirations!

Source: Autosport
Mathematically it's not unrealistic, being just 2 wins away from the WDC leader.

However, going on recent form and temperament it's unlikely.

Ferrari must be worried about the WCC now, considering Felipe is 8th behind a Mercedes and a Renault.
Ironic that it was his teammate who punctured his tyre, again.
I think if he'd said that he was going to go all out to try and win it, that would be fair enough, but to state you will win it smacks of extreme arrogance, especially based on a less than stellar performance from Ferrari this season.

Either that or he has the same PR person as the England World Cup team LOL
I don't think it is a totally deluded view to take. The Ferrari, despite the race result, seems to have overtaken Mclaren as the closest competitor to Red Bull. It is not inconceivable that he can win the title as he is only two wins off the lead with just under half the season to go. Felipe needs to start getting higher up the field to help him out though. However, if Fernando doesn't keep his head and just get on with the job then he can kiss his aspirations for this year goodbye.
Boyle99 said:
I don't think it is a totally deluded view to take.

It's the difference between saying he could win it and he will win it. I'd agree with the former, I have issues with the latter.
Fair point but I think it is just the way he is. If Alonso can win it then he will win it. In his mind there is no other way. It is that mindset that helped him to two consecutive world titles.

Edit: Oh and bye the way jez, we've been paired in the cup. See you for the Italian GP :D
I have the sneaking suspicion that there is a certain "whistling in the graveyard" aspect to this. Alonso arrived at Ferrari with much fanfare following the ouster of Kimi. The implication was that the WDC was a certainty, and this view was reinforced by the early season good results. It now seems less likely with the current rough patch, and I think that Alonso and the team are feeling the heat. If they are not careful, the self-imposed pressure may prove to be their undoing.

Having said all that, the fact is that the title is still acheivable. It is only the use of "will" and not "may" that puts the statement into such a harsh light.
Here's some speculative stats that might interest folk.

If Lewis continues in the last 9 races the form shown in the first 10 then he would finish on roughly 275 points. So for Alonso to reach 276 would require 178 points in the next 9 races, or to look at it another way 20 points per race.

At one extreme that could be achieved with 7 wins and 2 DNFs, the other extreme is 2 wins and 7 second places. There are obviously lots of other connotations but you get the idea.

While this is totally speculative based on what might happen, after all last season showed what a game of two halves it is - it is interesting to note that 275 points in old money is roughly 110, which is a fairly reasonable prediction for WDC winner whoever it ends up being.
You have to have self-belief to be Champion. I suggest since Red Bull and McLaren have taken every race victory since the opening weekend, that Alonso ought to tone down his public pronouncements.

However, Alonso has kept himself in the hunt for the title, it is not impossible. But it needs a significant improvement from Ferrari, and no more unlucky Safety Cars!

He should be thinking on those lines, it is better to think you'll win the Championship and be wrong, because if you think you won't win the Championship, you'll be right!
It's good that he is not letting recent events rip his confidence to shreds. Fernando left the circuit early and used a rather circuitous route to do it. But actually looked at peace with himself, so I suspect he has reaffirmed his determination to win the WDC. Taking responsibility for creating his/one's own luck is a very important part of being a racing driver, Damon Hill determined that he would leave nothing to chance in his quest for the Championship in 1996. And we can all recall how Michael Schumacher's totally insane self belief created utterly implausible good fortune.
In terms of luck I would say Alonso is about even this year when it comes to the SC.

After all, if not for the SC in Monaco he would have been nowhere near the top 10, never mind finishing 7th 6th.
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