Poll Albert Park v Gilles Villeneuve Circuit: Which one is best?

Albert Park v Gilles Villeneuve: Which one is best?

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Basically The Australian GP v The Canadian GP.

Both among the more likeable circuits for us fans. But which one is the best?

Both are like each other
Both produce similar types of races
Both have fantastic atmosphere

So it'll be hard to choose right?

Well i'll be interested to see which one comes out on top of the poll.

For me i can't choose, so want you to fight a cause for either of them!
Villeneuve circuit is better, it may be its place on the calendar or its time slot on live Sky F1 but it always seemes a longer, faster race to me.
On paper the Gilles Villeneuve circuit should be one of the worst circuits in F1. Straight, slow corner, straight, chicane, straight, hairpin. But it is one of the best - and I don't know why, but it's probably because it's simple, short, quick and has walls around it. Albert Park is a good circuit, but it's too long and complicated.
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for me and I believe that, according to Americans, Canadians are very, very nice people. Australians are very nice people too but that's one "very" short of my coin toss method of deciding which track I like the most.

Joking aside, if I was asked to vote one off of the calendar Albert Park would lose. I don't like huge run-off areas that make parts of the track look like an airport apron and give racers get out of jail free cards when they have an off. Not as bad as a Tilke-drome but still ...
Gilles... hands down... I would love a return to Adelaide where you hit the gas out of turn 9 and blasted off down Rundle St... and then the super fast right hander onto Dequettiville Tce and the run down to the hairpin...
I was essentially forced into choosing Albert Park because i live in Melbourne. But even so Albert Park, while not the most exciting race has an amazing atmosphere being in Melbourne's CBD. What the TV cameras dont show you is that Albert Park is a lot like Central Park with the high rise buildings surrounding 50% of the park. Couple this with a awesome lake and the place is just specialler than Canada which in turn has exciting races.
Gilles for me too. I like both circuits & both tend to produce good races but somehow the Canadian one normally seems a lot more exciting. I suspect it's because it tends to be amongst such tracks as Valencia & Monaco.
Thanks to the stupidity choices of the BBC I won't get to see either of them live now :rolleyes:
Gotta be Canada - Nearly always throws up a good race or unusual result - although how its going to do that this year I have no idea!
First race I saw in Canad was in 1980 and that was at the end of September. Ferrari resorted to cutting grooves into their slicks in an effort to get some heat into the tyres, great fun!
Gilles Villenueve without a shadow of doubt. I have already decided that it's the race I am going to go to next year.
Canada, no problem there.
The Gilles Villeneuve circuit is a classic track, and it's also a bit of a rarity in today's F1.Whereas in the past 20 years or so the tendency for all other tracks has been to slow things down, putting chicanes everywhere and sometimes even changing the tracks almost beyond recognition, Montreal is an oddity because the track has actually been made faster. It used to be seen as a slow tortuous track before they removed the chichane at the end of what is now the pit straight. The long straight after the hairpin used to have an esses section in the middle.




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