Adrian Newey said no to Ferrari

Interesting, but not surprising, i guess. it did make me think, without Newey, would Red Bull still be title contenders or not?

Well its a tough question. The short answer: No. The long answer: No. Not in my opinion. That's not to say i don't think they would be fighting for podiums etc right now, but I'm fairly sure he is a key element to moving any team up the grid.
Well McLaren on balance have been pretty erratic since, and Toyata have proved that money alone isn't the answer. Look at Red Bull 2005-8
Tbh, i don't really see why this is a story, I bet every team are making overtures about trying to sign Newey if they can pay his salary.

Im not so sure Ferrari would be any quicker in the sohrt term though if he did, because these things take time. Just look at 2008 when they got bet by there sister team, and hardly scored a point during the second half of the season.

Would Redbull be World Champions now without him? Well could anynoe give an awnser?
For starters RedBull a proper Race team rather then a corprate, PR based, car selling machine Jaguar was. Theres also a lot more structure to the team rather then a bunch of shareholders owning the team and havinga revloving door with Team Principals coming through it. That has moved the team forward no-ends too. There was rumours of Newey going to Jaguar in about 2002, and if he did i don't think they owuld of been better off of it either.

But I think at the same time RedBull would be no more then midfield runners without him too, its a hard job to move a team up the grid by the shoelaces and there can only be a few men in F1 who can do it.
I read this story on the BBC and first reaction was ..... why? ..... as in "Why do they think this is a story?"

Ferrari, just like McLaren, Red Bull, Williams, etc, all talk to their competitors' star employees at any opportunity.

Sometimes it just friendly, sometimes it's to try and get tech info, sometimes it's to gauge the person's ambitions.

Later, the article admitted that no actual discussion of a position/salary took place .... Screaming Headline = Non-Story!!

As for hypotheticals; Newey is clearly one of the best at what he does and his input adds to any team's results, so his departure would have an effect on their performance eventually.

I'm fairly sure that his work with Red Bull right now is split between 2011 and 2012 (or even beyond) with the latter increasing as the current season gets going and radical changes to the design become less likely .... and his contract will almost certainly include a mandatory period, should he leave them, before he can work for any other team.
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