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You can now add a YouTube video to your profile page, which will be available in the sidebar for any visitors to view.

To enter the video, navigate to the Personal Details page of your account settings and look for the Profile Page section:

Enter the video ID only in the field.
So for example, if the full URL is, you would just enter Jj6yXxVc21Y
Like so:

The video will then appear on your profile page in the sidebar, just below your avatar,like so:

The controls are a bit squashed but they are accessible and you can click on view full screen.

You can change the video at any time by updating the field.
If you want to remove the current video, delete the field contents.

You can see it working here:

Note that some videos won't be displayed due to the iframe size being so small.
If anyone could let me know whether they use this feature that would be appreciated.

I have a few other ideas related to customising profile pages, such as being able to set a team logo as a background image, etc., but if there's no interest then I won't bother.
Wouldn't the number of videos on a certain page slow down the loading speed of it, especially for those with slower Internet?
Well this idea went down like a lead balloon :D

Other than me which was for demonstration purposes, only one person has added a video.

I won't bother with the other ideas I had planned then and I'll more than likely be removing this.
I've added a video of the sport which is actually slightly above F1 in my sport-love-rankings. This is a pretty good idea I think, you should give it some time :)
I have since discovered that YouTube has set a minimum width for embedded videos to 230px for any which contain adverts.
As such, a significant number of videos wouldn't play due to the sidebar width being just 192px.

I have therefore increased the width of the sidebar to 246px, which should resolve this problem.
The benefits are twofold: the video is larger and avatars are also larger, making it easier to see any detail.

Why 246px? I hear you ask. Well I'll tell you.
It's so that four avatars can fit on a row for the Following and Followers blocks.

This is before:

This is after:

This may also work better if we get the mast head banner add-on developed as the remaining available space is more like typical image dimensions, rather than being wide and narrow as it was before.
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