A random quiz that will hopefully turn out to have something to do with Monaco...


Hi, TN23 here- posting for the first time on CTA. I think I'll start with a quiz- hopefully I can link it to Monaco in some way...

1. Olivier Beretta was the last Monegasque driver in F1, in what position did he qualify in his only Monaco GP for Larrousse?

2. Who finished third on the road in the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix before his results were retrospectively wiped for the entire season?

3. Which team folded after the 1995 Monaco Grand Prix, and who were it's drivers at that team's final GP?

4. What was the best finish of Jacques Villeneuve at Monaco, and what year did he achieve it?

5. Which driver qualified fifth for last years Monaco GP?

6. Name the last ten occasions in which a world champion has not won at Monaco in his championship year?

7. Which driver completed the 1997 Monaco GP without stopping for fuel on his way to a 5th placed finish?

8. Which British driver retired with immediate effect after the 1979 Monaco GP?

9. What strange event decimated the field at the start of the 1950 Monaco GP?

10. Name three British winners of the Monaco GP.

11. What did Rubens Barrichello discard onto the track after his retirement from last year's race?

12. When did a Williams first win at Monaco and who was the driver?

13. Which French driver scored his last ever world championship point at Monaco in 2009?

14. Ayrton Senna won the 1993 Monaco GP, but who joined him on the podium?

15. Apart from Michael Schumacher, who last won at Monaco for Ferrari?

16. Where did Fernando Alonso qualify for his first Monaco GP?

17. Who deputised in car number 2 for Brabham, in place of his own brother, at the 1984 Monaco GP?

18. What did Ayrton Senna fail to do for the first time in 1986 at the Monaco GP?

Try these without the help of interwebness- the mind alway knows a lot more than you think!
1. No idea.
2. Stefan Bellof
3. Simtek. Schiatarella possibly?
4. No idea.
5. Lewis Hamilton
6. 2010, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1996
7. No idea.
8. James Hunt
9. Tidal wave
10. Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss
11. Steering wheel
12. Was it 1980 and Alan Jones?
13. Sebastien Bourdais
14. ?
15. Gilles Villeneuve?
16. Somewhere at the back...!
17. ?
18. Finish?
1. 18th
2. Stefan Bellof
3. Lotus – de Cesaris
4. 2nd - 1997
5. Hamilton
6. 10/08/07/06/04/03/02/00/99/97
7. Fretzen
8. James Hunt
9. Wave came over the wall at Tabac
10. Button/Hamilton/Clark
11. Steering Wheel
12. 1980 – Alan Jones
13. Sebastien Bourdais
14. Berger/Mansell
15. Gerhard Berger
16. 12th
17. Ralf Stollemen
18. Finish a race
I'll not give out the answers, but I'll tease you by telling you how many you got right- but not which ones!

tby- 23/35
tooncheese- 20/35
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