4 to go and whose WDC is it?

Who will be 2008 Formula one World Drivers Champion?

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Ok so there are 4 races of the season left. Now that the Mclaren appeal issue is over and the dust has settled it's status quo as far as the points are concerned. So who will take the title this season ??

My money is on Hamilton because I think he now has a point to prove and won't make as many mistakes as he made in the final few races of last season. At least 3 of the final four tracks will suit Hamilton and he should be strong enough to finish the job.

What do you all think ??

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I've voted for Massa - he is quietly determined now and has the team behind him, quite a unique position for him to be in. The only question mark will be the car under him
I'm going for Hamilton, I like Massa, but wouldn't it be fun to see some of this new blood come through - it'll give a whole group a boost in confidence
I've gone for Massa for the simple reason that the 2 Ferraris are generally stronger at qualifying then the 2 McLarens, as a pair.
For this reason, Kimi will be able to help Massa by getting in Lewis' way (within the rules), whereas Heikki won't be able to help Lewis in the same way as he is generally not up there with them.
I've gone for Massa because the FIA will try to fix it for him. Hamilton is racing against more than one driver or one team.

Which is not to say that LH can't win it, Alonso and Renault proved that you can beat the combined might of the FIAt, but he will need some luck besides a good car and keeping his cool.
I've gone for Hamilton, not for any gung-ho reaons but because IMO weather will continue to play a role as we get further into the year and I believe the McLaren performs better than the Ferrari in the wet. Much is made of Kimi being able to play a role in the decision making, I believe Heikki can play a role too. McLaren can light-load him and have him get in the way to their heart's content.
I've got to say Massa for these reasons:

  1. Everytime it has looked like Hamilton's pulling clear, Massa's thrown in a great result
  2. Massa has got away with his wet problems so far by scoring well in Monte Carlo and winning Belgium, as well as beating Hamilton in Monza
  3. Massa is an absolute cert at Interlagos
  4. It won't rain at all 3 of the Asian courses coming up (when has F1 ever had 5 consecutive wet races?)
  5. Hamilton will find it difficult keeping his head
  6. Raikkonen is the better Finn at playing the supporting role
  7. McLaren need to field HK with the intention of winning because they've got something to prove to Fernando Alonso and to the FIA's "team orders" regime
  8. Massa will feel that he'll never have a better chance; Hamilton will feel he has chances yet to come
  9. Hamilton seems a little bit Mansell-esque to me, good at times but a melodramatic challenger too often
  10. Massa would be miles clear if Ferrari hadn't arsed up Canada & Monaco strategy wise!
  11. Massa is a much better driver than he's been given credit for, he fought Raikkonen for ? of his WDC season last year, he's battered Raikkonen out of sight this year, and he's probably had less support from the Scuderia in the first half of the season
  12. Hamilton looks jinxed
"Hamilton seems a little bit Mansell-esque to me, good at times but a melodramatic challenger too often"

I think that's a really good point teabag. I was never too big a Mansell fan and I couldn't quite put my finger on why I didn't like Hamilton either and I think you've hit the nail on the head. Hamilton does seem a bit Mansell-esque. Lewis stuffing his car up after wrecking the tyres last year had all the hall marks of Mansell binning his car on the white lines in the wet at Monaco in 1984. The whole team at Lotus were urging (and this was in an interview I read with Peter Wright) Mansell to slow down but he was trying to drive the wheels of the car. There is a famous picture of him sat on the armco by his broken Lotus and his body langauge justs says "I'm an idiot".

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