Le Mans 3D Printing in Race Cars


Pole Sitter
Just watched this short video on the BBC Web site about 3D printing & how it's being used more and more in creating parts for race cars. In this example a brake duct for a Le Mans Car. This bloke reckons in 5 to 6 years we could see 2/3rds of Race Cars created through 3D printing.

Dan Walmsley, Team Principal @ Strakka Racing


On YouTube too:

Not strictly 3d printing, but when I went to red bull they were using resin and lasers to make 3d models for parts testing in the wind tunnel. It would be interesting to see if they can print with materials suitable for large scale use in race cars.
I went to a show at the NEC a couple of years ago where there where a whole host of different companies doing 3D printing. The thing which caught my eye was a metal deposition system which then makes pieces produced by 3D printing much stronger and heat resistant. Fascinating process which laid down micron thick layers of metal on to the resins and, from a distance, you would think that they were metal.
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