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After a increasingly hectic calendar where we just had a week off after 5 races in the last 7 weeks which has seen Verstappen dominate winning 4 of those 5 & feel like he has taken quite a firm grip on this championship. we come home to where it all began in 1950 & Silverstone. 1 of the highlights of the calendar & talking about hectic. i hope people enjoyed their week off as we are about to embark on 4 races in the next 5 weeks. before the summer break

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i doubt we will have the drama of 2021 we dont have the sprint race here this weekend after it being the inaugural event 12 months ago instead that will be next week in Austria. but it was 1 of huge flashpoints of the season with that 51g crash at copse where the young pretender & reigning champion had threaten to do multiple times but 1 had always backed down until that night where Verstappen aggressive nature & Hamilton desperation to please the home crowd fuelled by the disappointment of sprint race 24 hrs before boiled over. that incredible drive post penalty to hunt down leclerc who can consider himself very unlucky not to win that day where he closed down 18 sec defiect in 18 laps. very nearly didnt happen because in Mercedes own words if Verstappen car had been recovered under safety car & not a red flag. Hamilton himself would've been retired.

but from the present day to the past of Silverstone. it might not be known how the history of Silverstone goes alot further back than might be thought. after my trip to the brilliant Silverstone museum few months ago.

200 metres north east of what is now Stowe Corner, was in medieval times a former Monastry & church that was luffield abbey that was beside a wooded forest


the precursor to the british GP trophy from 1937. the BRDC british empire trophy race

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also we have the timeline, that shows that silverstone was still used as active farm right up to the 1990's, which really puts a new perspective on that iconic Mansell & Piquet battle in 1987.

also a history of grand prix layouts & how it has changed over the years
Now that we've finally seen the full footage of the crash it was quite similar to Barrichello's at Imola in 94.

Good to hear he's OK.
... The ridiculous case with George Russell not being allowed to restart as well, whilst Ocon and Tsunoda drove dangerous cars around a lap of the track being allowed major repairs to be done, and to restart... (Possibly without penalty)
Also according to the rules we go back to the start as though none of the racing has happened. So why does the back under your own steam rule apply? All a bit weird.
You can see how much improved the Mercedes aero package is. The rear portion of the floor is almost touching the ground and there's almost no bouncing.
Ferarri's indecisiveness cost Leclerc the win

Binotto has a problem because Leclerc lost 14pts probably
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Those last 6 laps were pretty fantastic.

I wonder if Red Bull will do another simulation with Alex Albon to prove that Leclerc and Hamilton didn't actually manage to go through Copse side by side at full tilt?
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