Pre-Season 2021 predictions

Bill Boddy

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Russell and Bottas will swap seats

Why? Bottas' had his strategy changed to undercut Verstappen, it did not work but that was due to the loss of around 10 seconds which was hardly his fault and then lost more time due to potting to get the point for fastest lap. These lost him around 30 seconds and he finished 37 seconds behind Hamilton. In other words he was around 7 seconds slower in a 100 minutes race.

Not bad for a second driver who is a known to follow orders.


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bottas is doing a good job for what Mercedes are expecting from him, & red bull would rip your hand off for a top 4 finish consistently over the last few years. :D but Bottas was never at any point competitive with the front 2 & as ive mentioned Bottas has 9 wins since 2017 Max verstappen in inferior machinery has 10, also before the error he was 8 seconds behind, at no point was he very threatened,

it might be just timing, russell wont be at williams next year, we all know he is far too good to be a backmarker. i feel we are in the verstappen territory in 2017 where they are in "use it or lose it" as we all know the sharks were circling at ferrari & mercedes.
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