Pre-Season 2021 predictions


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I'm going to like that but only because it crudely explains that we are all essential. The frustration that some groups are considered more important just reinforces the fact that society relies on everyone.

We can all make a claim that we should take priority, but the priority, that government has chosen, is managing resources to minimise deaths: whether you think that all lives have equal claim is another discussion.

I'm ambivalent.

I'll get the vaccine at some point. Untill then I have a job to do. I'll take reasonable precautions and assess the risk every time. But focussing on death statistics and feeling that I'm missing out doesn't help me, my family or anyone else.
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welcome by the way

even though I support him. i hope we have a championship battle. not a cakewalk
Thank you!

Indeed. The top positions are always the same, the most exciting part of the races (last years, at least) have been the below-5 positions battles. Hope it changes this year.


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No one has mentioned the gimmick of sprint races but I am not sure it will be popular with fans even if you just reverse the top 8 there is too much of a speed difference between the front and midfield
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