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The Artist.....

Champion Elect
So, McLaren have won their first race since Brazil 2012, and not only was it a win, but a 1-2… could this be foreshadowing of McLaren joining Mercedes and Red Bull fighting for the championship in 2022…

But, do you think the race was any good?
What kept it interesting, at least for me was that at no point did it seem like a foregone conclusion. The McLarens were not significantly faster than the cars chasing them, and did not ever stretch a significant lead. Then the safety car closed it all back up again, with Bottas looking as menacing as it is possible for him to look.

So not huge amounts of overtaking, but a couple of significant moves, and the sense that something was always likely to change.

7 from me
A Mclaren win - at long last and a popular winner as well shame about its not Lando
A bit of controversy as well
The field is competitive if you remove the front two so an 8
A 9 from me.

Highly entertaining and a massive antidote to last week's snore fest.

Would have loved to have seen Verstappen and Hamilton stay in the race to add to the entertainment but overall watching meaningful battles throughout the field was definitely great.
8 - aabsolutely loved it. fantastic its like 1998 all over again we have massive rivalry & a McLaren 1-2

as 5 live F1 said the Sprint race was always doomed because everything is worked for 90min race. if you have 10 min half in 11v11 football it would be dreadful
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