Rugby 2020 Six Nations

Johnny Carwash

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With the World Cup done and dusted it’s time for Northern Hemisphere teams to get stuck into each other for another year.
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just seen england lost. so that is probably the chances finished already as they now got to go 100% & that Ireland v Wales is already a huge game For England
Ireland will beat Wales in a very tough game. England will totally hammer Wales on the back of a MASSIVE victory over Italy. Wales will narrowly defeat France then smash Scotland.
I thoroughly enjoyed the England France game yesterday. I particularly enjoyed the moment in the second half when England on zero points were stopped by France just inches before try line and the commentator couldn't help himself but say it was a try and the...

'start of an enormous come back'

It wasn't and it wasn't.

Arrogance squashed.
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From his book ( a Chrissy present and boring) the great Eddie Jones doesn't have a good record in international rugby and has a history of failing on the important internationals, he talks the good talk but he's lost two RWC finals by picking the wrong start team, he won the six nations on an inherited team.
I don’t like him because he has a mean look about him. Not very fair really. I’d love a good reason for not liking him so making vile remarks will do as a start.
I think Eddie's days as head coach are coming to an end.

Somewhat ironic when he took the England team to a World Cup final but certainly moving on would be the right thing for him to do in my opinion.

The Eddie Jones selection tombola has never produced consistent results and his general attitude and demeanour leaves a lot to be desired.

England had well and truly lost their way after the Johnson and Lancaster years so Jones did put England back in track.

It's definitely time for new leadership to bring through the next generation of England players. Just playing the right player in their natural position would be a great start.
the fact they haven't extended to the next world cup says everything. but it is very odd because in all 4 yr cycles of sport. that there change happens not 2 yrs in

also how atrocious are these conditions as well as to play in because as commentators like our old friend brian moore, saying its like a different game. simple kicks & line outs are very tough as ball has mind on its own in strong wind. but ive been sat in conditions a few times its no longer becomes enjoyable to sit in
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