Grand Prix 2019 Chinese Grand Prix (1000th GP) Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

It has fallen to me to put together the PQR thread for the 1000th GP.

How to celebrate this historical moment? A reflective thread? An historical thread? A look back in to Chinese history with a tenuous link to F1 in some shape or other? Nah, lets do some F1 by numbers:

1 – Number of constructor’s championship titles won by Vanwall, the first team to win the trophy when it was introduced in 1958.

2 – Number of Formula One races entered by Bernie Ecclestone. He failed to qualify for either

3 – Lowest number of race wins in a career by a driver to have won the world championship (Phil Hill and Mike Hawthorn)

5 – Number of female drivers to have entered at least 1 GP

7 – Number of teams to have won a single F1 world championship race in their racing history.

8 – Lowest total number of wins by a team to have won the world constructors title since its introduction in 1958 (Brawn GP)

9 – Most wins by a team never to have won the world constructors title since its introduction in 1958 (Ligier)

10 – The number of drivers who won 2 races in the 1959, 1961 and 1982 seasons the only seasons where no driver won more than 2 races.

11 – Number of racing laps completed by Andrea Moda during their entire racing history

15 – The most poles set by one driver in a single season (Sebastian Vettel in 2011)

16 – Highest number of race wins by a driver to have never won the world championship (Stirling Moss)

22 – Furthest position back on the grid from which a driver has won the race (John Watson)

31 – The number of teams listed as Formula One entrants but only ever entered the Indy 500 which was part of the F1 World Championship from 1950 until 1960.

32 – Highest number of GP wins by a countries only GP winner (Spain – Fernando Alonso)

68 – Highest number of F1 Championship races held by a single venue (Monza)

69 – The joint position of the 31 drivers who have taken just 1 pole in their careers in a league table of Drivers to start from pole. Charles Leclerc being the latest to join that list.

71 – The total number of circuits to host a championship Grand Prix

76 – The total number of drivers to have won a Formula one championship GP

100 – Percent of races won in a season in 1969 and 1973 by Ford Engines. The only time a single engine maker has won every race in a season

130 – Number of races it took for Mark Webber to win one

214 – Number of races Andrea De Cesaris took to not win any

278 – The highest number of race wins by drivers from a single country (United Kingdom)

322 – Highest number of starts by a single driver (Rubens Barrichello)

417 – The number of times an F1 race has been won from pole

974 – Number of race entries by Ferrari (with 972 starts)

Enjoy the 1000th Race.
69 – The number of drivers to start from pole with Charles Leclerc being the 69th to join that list

Are you sure of this? According to Wikipedia as of the 2018 Brazilian GP, 98 drivers had been on pole. Also suspect your figure for fastest laps is also low (should be 131+).
Oh gosh, how very silly of me. I appear to have misread the Wiki page for pole sitters. I believed it listed the total number but the 69 figure related to the order of drivers by rank so Charles is equal 69th for the total number of poles. Thankfully someone had the time to go through the stats and check them. I rushed the PQR Thread up last night in between watching my football team win on Sky Sports and helping to make an Easter Bonnet for my 3 year old daughter who has an Easter celebration at Nursery School today. Also, I may have rushed the figure for the number of poles without checking more closely as that number was 69. Even though I am in my mid 40's I still have the puerile mind of a teenager therefore the number 69 makes me giggle.

I apologise for any errors that may appear and I will correct the 69 figure when I have a bit more time during my lunch at work today.

If anyone spots anything else they think is incorrect please call it out and I will look to amend it as soon as possible. I hope it hasn't spoilt your overall enjoyment of the thread.


Having managed to write a PQR thread without once mentioning Lewis Hamilton; was your pruerile subconscious mind thinking about Nicole and the sex tape?


Actually it went back to when I was in the navy and we would have tombola nights (another name for Bingo) which is one of only a handful of legal forms of gambling in the Navy. (the other being authorised raffles and 'horse racing' nights).

When we held the Bingo nights, we would invent our own calls and 69 was always "dinner for two with a hairy view"

See, told you it was puerile but you did ask.

well at least hes not hypocritical

I'm confused why they told him to stay behind Vettel for two Laps. It indicates he was allowed to overtake him but just not yet. Surely that's just costing him time.
Watching that video again, I don't think Charles really had any other option but to overtake. Vettel moved to defend on the inside and Charles just drove round the outside leaving plenty of room.
How did I miss that? And what a weird instruction!

it was an strange one, because it wasnt broadcast on tv. until i heard it on midweek debrief on sky sports f1. but i have no idea why FOM didnt think we wanted to hear this. unless someone higher up either Ferrari or F1 management veto'd it

but yeah leclerc had to overtake he was comfortably quickest car all weekend. unless they hoping in 2 laps momentum would be lost & vettel would keep lead. as Ferrari are known for sabotaging from inside
leclerc was told to stay behind vettel for 2 laps. but 3/4 lap later he overtook him 1st corner

Thanks for the reminder. I remember hearing that in the broadcast, but I don't recall the commentators discussing it afterwards (I really do miss Hobbs and Matchett).

What are the possible explanations for that?
Is it to do with pitstops maybe? Remember Vettel got undercut by Hamilton. Maybe they were going to pit Vettel in 2 laps and didn't want the two Ferrari's fighting to meant they lost out on time? Can't think of anything else really.
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