Pre-GP Quiz 2019 Chinese GP pre-race quiz


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1. China will be race 1,000 in the Formula One World Championship, where was race 1 run?

The British GP at Silverstone

2. Grandes Épreuves, or Grand Trials, took place in 1949. Where did the last FIA Formula One race take place before the World Championship started in 1950?

The Italian GP at Monza

3. In that first season in 1950 4 race tracks were used which still host a race today. How many can you name (1/4 of a point for each)?

Silverstone, Monza, Monaco and Spa-Francochamps

4. What year did the first Chinese World Championship GP take place?


5. How many times has Sebastian Vettel won in China?

Just once, in 2009 (no extra points for being a smart arse and knowing the year

6. 2007 will be remembered by many for Lewis Hamilton ending his race in the gravel pit at the pit lane entrance but what landmark did Kimi Raikkonen reach for the Ferrari team?

It was Ferrari's 200th GP victory

7. The 2007 race was unique for another reason, the end of an era perhaps. Can you think what it is?

It was the last race where a tobacco sponsor was visible

8. 2010 saw a 1-2 for English drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Where and when was the last one before this?

Monaco, 1969 where Graham Hill finished ahead of Piers Courage

9. Nico Rosberg won his first ever race in 2012 in China. How many GP's had he contested before this first win?

Triple nelson, 111. 1/2 a point if 3 either way

10. Daniel Ricciardo won in 2018. What was special about his Q1 time?

He had one lap to set a time, 3 minutes form the end of the session from which he set 13th fastest time - this was due to a turbo failure in FP3 resulting in the engine having t be replaced. Make your own mind up if you deserve a point

Enjoy, sorry it's late.
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