Pre-GP Quiz 2019 Brazilian GP pre-race, post-race quiz


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1. How many Brazilian drivers have taken part in F1?

2. How many races have those driver won?

3. Two Brazilian drivers have won three world titles, who are they?
Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna

4. Who was the first Brazilian driver to win a GP?
Emerson Fittipaldi in 1970

5. Nelsinho Piquet raced under a Brazilian flag but where was he born?
Heidelberg in Germany

6. Roberto Moreno made as many F1 comebacks as Frank Sinatra. What year was his last race?

7. Who was the last Brazilian driver to win a GP?
Rubens Barrichello at Monza in 2009

8. One city has provided more than half the Brazilian F1 drivers, which one?
Sao Paolo

9. Emerson Fittipaldi won World titles at Lotus and McLaren. Which team did he win more races with?
Lotus, of course. 9 wins for them and only 5 at McLaren

10. What was the best result achieved by Christian Fittipaldi?
4th, on three occasions

Sorry it's so late, hope you enjoy it.
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3.5 saved by the final 2 questions. i was terrible in my final gp quiz of the season

but great quiz, always enjoy it like Q5 when i finish a quiz & think learnt something there as i didnt know that
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