Poll 2018 French Grand Prix out of 10

2018 French Grand Prix out of 10

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Not my cup of cake
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So Formula One came home with, for me at least, a less than spectacular race. There were a few incidents but overall I thought it was pretty dull so will score it a below average 4.

Your thoughts welcomed.
4 from me as well, an incident packed start. Vettel carving his way through the field. And a genuinely exciting overtake from Räikkönen. But that was it.
I am afraid the rain did not arrive to throw things up and also Vettel got let off lightly according . Now Charlie Whiting is trying to defend the stewards saying they do not take into account how the victim's race might be affected:facepalm:
It's about time that in circumstances like today when the victim comes off worse than the perpetrator that the stewards start handing down positional penalties, i.e drop the driver one or more positions at the end of the race. A five second penalty for Vettel was non-effective because he had the advantage of being able to got to the time of a normal tyre change plus 10 seconds before taking the penalty.
6 - its was 1 of better grand prixs of the season. Although its not a high bar really. Smashing start quite a few overtaking & interesting strategies
Not as bad as some recent races. Stuff happened and it has the potential to be a highlight on the calendar with better cars.

I give it a 4.
Gave it a 4. After the first lap, it was mostly decided. Still exciting to watch Vettel work his way rather aggressively up the field. Beyond that.......not much. On the other hand, it was a very significant race for the championship,
The race started off well with one of those bag/bowls of walkers crisps (plain) and a cheeky rollie during the safety car. It got less exciting during the middle when I might as well have been listening to it on radio as I had my eyes shut. The inevitable then happened and I fell asleep, which is probably much needed with my boy teething at the moment. I woke up to see Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen sat in the back of a range rover or something.

4 for the start. I did consider taking one off because FB continues to abuse the natural law of maths and works backwards on the vote numbers and doesn't start from 1 like any sane person, but it's hard to blame that one on the French GP.
4. Might have given it a 5 if it had been anywhere else but the circuit looks so dull on screen, it took away from the spectacle. I don't really mind the wavy lines, it's more the lack of anything else to look at. And I feel asleep.
I gave it a five, I enjoyed watching Vettel playing catch up after that first lap incident. There were a few good overtakes, well a couple really I guess. Leclerc scored another point, bonus, Kimi almost smiled LOL
I actually think it's a great circuit, it's the rules & regs that need to change.
Oh, and put gravel in instead of the runoffs. Hrrrrumph.
It was a circuit far ahead of its time in the 1970s, and after the HTTT upgrades still seems vaguely of the future.

It was not a circuit noted for entertaining races in the 1970s, and that also remains the case.

However it has the advantage of being in France, and the south of France at that, so I'll give it a 6.
It was sort of OK. The humungous eye crippling run offs let it down though. I don't want to see the return of the barriers that did for De Angelis, but a bit of gravel would be nice. And despite the overtaking, get rid of the stupid chicane on the Mistral straight. I gave it 5 because it was better than Canada and Monaco.
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