Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Canadian Grand Prix quiz


Podium Finisher
1. The inaugular Canadian Grand Prix took place in Mosport Park. In which province is that circuit located?
2. 1973 event saw something that became regular part of races two decades later. What was it?
The inaugular visit of safety car in a race
3. Which big news story happened in the practice of the 1979 event?
Niki Lauda's sudden retirement from the sport
4. Since which year the Grand Prix has been held in June?
1982. Half a point for 1981/1983.
5. 1989 race gave first win for Williams-Renault partnership. Who won the race?
Thierry Boutsen
6. Jean Alesi won the 1995 event, which occurred on his birthday. How many years he turned that day?
31. Half a point for 30/32.
7. 1999 was the race which made "Wall of Champions" famous after three world champions crashed at the final chicane. There was also fourth driver who crashed, who?
Ricardo Zonta
8. Why was Juan Pablo Montoya disqualified in 2005?
Exiting pit lane under red light
9. Early part of 2010 race was a bit chaotic thanks to tyres. Which driver led a lap - the only lap led in his F1 career?
S├ębastien Buemi
10. Which two drivers collided on the last lap of 2014 race?
Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa. Half a point for each.
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