Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Podium Finisher
Season finale!

1. One driver scored his first world championship points in 2009 race. Who?
Kamui Kobayashi
2. 2010 had four-driver title fight going to the final race. How many points was Lewis Hamilton behind the leader Fernando Alonso?
24. Half a point for 23/25
3. With Sebastian Vettel winning the race, Alonso would have needed fourth place. Who finished on that spot?
Nico Rosberg
4. Where did Mark Webber finish in 2011?
4th. That was the only race of the season where Red Bull didn't get a podium.
5. Which legendary radio comment Kimi Räikkönen said in 2012?
Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing
6. More Kimi - he was disqualified from the qualifying in 2013 but why?
His car failed floor deflection test
7. Here are the drivers who scored points in 2014 championship.

For one point each - which drivers swapped championship positions due to double points in 2014?
Perez and Magnussen. Perez was 7th while Magnussen was 11th and therefore failed to score. Perez beat Magnussen by four points, while earning six of them due to double points.
8. Only one driver retired in 2015 race - first-lap collision took which driver out of the race?
Pastor Maldonado - however that crash was deemed to be caused by Fernando Alonso.
9. Which of the gaps in 2016 race was smaller - 1st to 2nd (Hamilton to Rosberg) or 2nd to 3rd (Rosberg to Vettel)?
2nd to 3rd:
Hamilton-Rosberg 0,439
Rosberg-Vettel 0,404
My friend and I have religiously watched F1 since the mid 1980s yet we scored 2/10 mostly due to luck. Most of the preamble to the questions seem to be utterly irrelevant to the final actual question which is suitable for only statisticians. Poor quiz. Not fun. Or in in the spirit of a light hearted quiz for the casual F1 fan. Not happy. This is not what the forum needs to bring in more people.
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