2015 Italian Grand Prix


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Has anyone been to Monza before?

We've found cheap tickets plus hotel and were thinking about going this year definitely since last year we had to cancel.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to the track, flight wise and then traveling to the track?
Hi, Did you decide to go to Monza? I'm going this year and have researched a bit about getting to the track. I can pass on info and travel links if it would be useful.
Presumably you are going to be staying in Milan. There are frequent trains to Monza at reasonable prices, once you get to Monza station it depends on what day it is. There are trains from both the Central and the Garabaldi stations, I prefer the latter, it's more of a local service with more frequent trains.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are normally free buses running to Monza park from the back of the station, once in the park you have a walk of something like two kilometres. There are also payable buses to Verdano from opposite the front of the circuit, tickets can be bought at a kiosk in the station, some days they are being sold at the bus stop or even on the bus itself. Inspectors regularly get on these buses, but I don't know what, if any, extra charges are imposed. It becomes obvious where to get off once you get to the right stop, the bus virtually empties. There is a couple of hundred metre walk down a hill to the entrance which is nit far off the centre of the main straight. For the Thursday pit lane walk this is the only practical means of getting there.

Sunday there are FREE trains from Central station to the Lesmo station. As this implies you get off a hundred metres or so from the gate by the Lesmo curves, it can be a long walk to the beginning of the main straight. There are also FREE trains back to Milan from the Lesmo station. You come out of the circuit and join the mass of people outside the station, once a train pulls in the 30 people wide queue funnels into a one person wide queue, brawn beats brains, make sure that you have plenty to drink, it's usually hot at that time of the day. I thinkk that there are very few trains which stop at the Lesmo station on other days.

One further point is that many of the restaurants are either closed or close early on Sundays, it's safest to eat before returning to the hotel.

I don't like cities but the case of Milan is an exception. Two years ago they were in the process of removing a lot of the tram tracks and converting them to green open spaces. There is plenty to do, one day we went to the museum at La Scala, there are some boxes that you can access to look inside the theatre itself; there dress rehearsal for a modern ballet was just about to start, we watched the first act but then the museum closed for lunch so we missed what was left of the only ballet that I have enjoyed! Also if you have time it is well worth doing a trip to one of the lakes, the nearest is Como which splits with Lecco being the other tip of an inverted "Y".

See you there, I booked up in January.
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