Grand Prix 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Barely has the dust settled on the China syndrome and we move a few thousand miles around the globe to the tiny Gulf state of Bahrain. The F1 circus rolls into town like a column of tanks and sets up camp for a few days. The race, the first to take place in the Middle East, has been ran every year since 2004 with one exception, when the Arab Spring went bouncing through. Fortunately for F1 fans the show must go on and so it did. Last year’s race saw victory for Lewis Hamilton and the word on the streets is that the bookies are tipping Hamilton again, to take this year’s race. The country itself is known as quite a tolerant place to Western influence and as a former British colony, doesn’t actually hate Brits which makes a nice change. A place of interest worth visiting if you are ever in Bahrain is the rather nice duty free shop on the end of the Jetty in the commercial port. Good luck getting in there without an ID card but the race merchandise is a lot cheaper than that sold at the track. (Information correct as of 2006).

As the teams trundle into the fourth race of the season we are unlikely to see too many upgrades at this stage. Most of the teams are keeping their powder dry until the show piles into the first European leg later this month.

That said then, the Silver Arrows should be pointing the way home for the rest of the field. Last year we had engine switch gate where the first cracks in the friendship between the two young friends started to appear. Fortunately, this season, their relationship is already in bits so we don’t have to worry too much about that.

Ferrari and Williams are once again set to be the next best but will temperature play a part here and push the Ferrari’s closer to the Mercs? While it shouldn’t be as hot as Malaya it should be warmer than China. Williams must be scratching their heads and wondering why they can’t get on the back end of the Mercs let alone the Ferrari’s. Last season’s comeback for Sir Franks outfit seems to have lost some momentum.

Team Enstone, (like many others I try and say Lot.. Lo... Lotu nope sorry just can’t do it) have found themselves some clean air toward the front of the midfield pack in the hands of Grosjean and his team mate if he’s not being hit or hitting something or someone.

Who would have predicted that the next battle would be between Martin Brundle’s new bestest driver ever and his team mate and the two Sauber cars. With Red Bull also getting right into the midfield mix, this seems to be the only part of tarmac that has a genuine battle for every inch of it. I like the Sauber’s blue and yellow colour scheme and the fact they have huge numbers on the side of the car that make them easy to spot

Last season’s surprise third place came from Force India and there’s no doubt Perez won’t be achieving the same here. The best Force India can hope for is to have a good clean race and get themselves into a position to pick off a point or two.

McLaren, well they are certainly having a testing season. An uncharacteristic mistake from Button saw Maldonado declared the innocent party. That event in itself will be less rare than McLaren scoring a point this season if their current run of form continues. Flashes of speed seem to give a false dawn that some sort of improvement is being made before qualification starts and reality dawns.

And finally to Manor Marussia (this space available for sponsorship contact 1-800-manor). The little team that wouldn’t go. While they still have the re-badged 2014 car and the 2014 engines they have no hope but, to be on the grid is hope enough that their season can continue. I like what Will Stevens is doing in that car. When trouble free he is comfortably ahead of his team mate. He drives a good clean race, stays out of trouble and gets on with it. Merhi is putting the laps in and bringing back the data which is all that can be asked of him.

So, there’s the rundown of the runners and riders. Those lucky three to climb the top step and be interviewed by some random passerby, will get to taste the traditional Middle East sparkling Rose Water in place of the champers. Whoever wins though, it will taste just as sweet.
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I presume this is all connected to the standard ECU otherwsie what is to stop the teams from putting in an ABS system by the back door? But then, if it's from a standard ECU how does that cope with all the various different engines?


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Except for that very short video (thanks Brogan!) I'm not sure of the performance improvements it yields, if any, but I know in a crash, I'd rather be in a BBW car than one without. In a front collision, a BBW pedal won't jam your leg something fierce. A conventional braking system can cause a rebound on the brake pedal, sort of like when a motorbike kicks you back in a kickstart.
Except that you can't have a pure BBW as you need the hydraulic fall back, there are enough problems with electronic accelerators without having a system that when it fails you can't stop


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...and you can have brake-by-wire in an F1 car and leave spare room for ballast, thus increasing the scope for a more favourable weight distribution, as well as making it quicker for mechanics to access discs etc... If they use it it's obviously for a good reason. The same reasons why they introduced fly-by-wire throttle a quarter of a century ago.
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