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I'll ease you in gently to the new season with a quiz about all things Oz:

1. Who was officially classified as the first retirement of the 2014 season in Australia

Kamui Kobayashi, who collided with Felipe Massa on the first lap

2. 2015 see's the return of Honda power. In their last season in F1 (2008) what was the finishing position of the highest placed Honda powered car

11th for Rubens Barrichello

3. Fernando Alonso has only won the Australian GP once, in 2006. Who was on pole at that race?

Everyone's favourite, Jenson Button

4. 1985 winner Keke Rosberg bowed out in Australia in 1986 at the wheel of a McLaren Honda. He was leading until he got a puncture. What lap was that on?

Lap 63, Mansell's tyre blew the next lap

5. In 1986 Mansell, Piquet and Prost all went in to the final race with a chance to take the title. Where and when did the final race next have 3 possible title contenders?

2007 in Brazil with Raikkonen, Hamilton and Alonso battling it out

6. A British driver who took part in 162 races drove for the final time in Adelaid in 1993. Who he?

Derek Warwick

7. What was unique about Ayrton's Senna's final win in Australia in 1993?

It was the last race win for an F1 car with Active suspension. Senna won the first at Monaco in 1987

8. Jacques Villeneuve debuted in Australia in 1996. What was unusual about his first race?

He took pole, one of only 3 drivers to take pole on debut in F1

9. What event on track in 1998 caused McLaren to be reported to the World Motorsport Council?

David Couthard gave the win to Mika Hakkinen due to a pre-race agreement

10. Nelson Piquet won in 1990. How?

He finished first! The answer I'm looking for is that Senna and Prost had a "coming together" at the very first corner

Have fun (all spellings approximate).
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Just realised, the answer to question 10 relates to the Japanese GP in 1990 not Australia. Apologies if it misled anyone.
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