Grand Prix 2014 Canadian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

The "European" Season continues in Canada at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Last year Vettel took pole and the win, somehow this season it doesn't look likely that there will be a repeat, rather we will see the two Mercedes drivers battling things out for win seven out of seven as Hamilton and Rosberg share the races out between them.

After Monaco Rosberg has returned to the top the drivers championship but is 4-2 down to Hamilton in race wins. Lewis likes Canada so perhaps this race will see things tip back in his favour. The big question will be the inter-team dynamic after Monaco. Rosberg's pole appears to have rankled Hamilton and he questioned the team tactics regarding the safety car. Perhaps a pole to flag win for the Englishman will put these things to the back of his mind.

Red Bull and Ferrari will battle to be the best of the rest, with Daniel Ricciardo proving that the decision to give him the "second" Red Bull seat has been more than justified. Force India, Toro Ross and McLaren will, almost certainly, be battling for the final places in the top 10 in both qualie and race with Hulkenberg and Perez likely to come out on top but pushed hard, especailly by Danial Kvyat who is looking to be a genuine talent. Quite how Lotus will perform remains to be seen with both cars and drivers blowing hot and cold in the first races of the season.

Marussia are unlikely to repeat their points scoring antics in Montreal but the lift the result in Monaco will have given them will hopefully propel them forward and bring interest from new sponsors. Sauber and Caterham will be at the back, or perhaps they will create a shock and suddenly find some pace.

So another Mercedes win, almost certainly. Which of the Mercedes drivers takes the win could have a huge effect on the rest of the season. Let's hope the for a good race. As well as your top 3 predictions I'd welcome your suggestions for victims of the Wall of Champions 2014.

Bill Boddy

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I don't see how Alonso could have pitted and got back to the same gap behind Hulkenberg as he was a lap earlier. I think that they must have had to take avoiding action with Button getting through, but was there a yellow flag?
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