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Here's a view from the opposite angle. heh, heh. Courtesy of Wikipedia.


Di Resta fan :).

You've gotta LOL at the idiots that run the Daily Mail. What a plonker whoever it was that wrote that article.

So are Russia expected to join the F1 calendar next year as well as the Grand Prix of America?


Russia are meant to be 2014, but maybe 2015 if the IOC feels it interferes in the winter olympics preparations. And words cannot describe how amateurish the Daily Fail is.

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They already have the Mercedes AMG arena! They already have a brooklands like corner which would get a high speed run out meaning some overtaking in the last corner! Theoretically of course, looks very India though


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If Bottas somehow doesn't get a Williams seat I could see Kovalainen going there. Although he's not an 'ace' he is a solid driver than can push the podium and consistently finish in the points, something that Williams has been sorely missing in 2012.


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I like Heikki, I think he is a solid driver. I'd love to see him stay at Caterham but only if they could score points consistantly. Unfortunately, this seems a bit of a stretch despite their constant improvements.

All of this silly season discussion is getting to me a little. Will Ferarri keep Massa? Where will Hamilton end up? Is Schumi ever going to hand the keys over to another driver (maybe Di Resta?).

I drew a cartoon on the subject of Massa but I don't know how to upload it.
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