Pre-Season 2013 Season

It's sad to see any circuit dropped from the calendar. So much hard work goes into making each and every one. However, some tracks (i.e. Valencia) fall short on expectations and do not deliver the racing that we look for.

The high cost of staging an F1 race seems to be what killed the Korean GP unfortunately. I think this is why they were unable to follow through with their expansive plans. That and a lack of local support. Such a shame.
From the 5live pit lane reporter on twitter:
Mr Ecclestone just visited press room and suggested next year's calender has 20 races. No Valencia. Hockenheim instead of Nurburgring
The extra mid-season test which was proposed for 2013 onwards has now been dropped.

In addition, there will only be three pre-season tests.
Korea dropped. What an appalling waste of money. Surely a feasibility study should have given some indication of the likely support, or sadly in Korea's case, lack of support the entire venture was likely to receive. Did anyone investigate whether it was likely to succeed. :(
Valencia only ever existed due to the relationship between Ecclestone and Briatore and the increased interest in F1 due to Alonso.
I expect there will be a lot of changes between now and the final calendar, as always.

No doubt it will be early March before we get the final, final, final line up.
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