Pre-Season 2013 Season


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Naming rights I suspect.

Who knows when it comes to F1, Bernie and the myriad of silly contracts and rights which are in place.

There is still also the TBA race, which could be the European GP.


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There is still also the TBA race, which could be the European GP.
That's what I was thinking, although it's difficult to work out exactly where that could be. It's obviously not Hockenheim based upon that observation, its not Valencia according to Valencia...

I get a feeling it might just be Imola; I wonder if the government of San Marino are unhappy to be associated any longer and they'll need the European GP moniker.


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Pirelli have announced the tyres for the first four races, 2012 tyres are in brackets.

Australia - Supersoft, Medium (Soft, Medium)
Malaysia - Medium, Hard (Medium, Hard)
China - Soft, Medium (Soft, Medium)
Bahrain - Soft, Hard (Soft, Medium)


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Ah, I see that they have mixed up the compounds a little.

Could bring out different strategies in Australia and Bahrain.

I always wondered why they didn't do this in 2012 when the pit stops became predictable.

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What may be more important in Malaysia is which wet compound the teams use and which lap they put them on.


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It's kind of funny, as in my mind, Malaysia is also almost equal to a rain race, but actually, of the 14 races we've had in Sepang, only 4 were wet, so there's a 72% chance we'll have a dry Malaysian Grand Prix this year.


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Are unused tyres returned to Pirelli? There must be such a waste of intermediate and wet compound tyres otherwise...
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