Pre-GP Quiz 2012 United States Grand Prix


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The USGP is back...!

1. There has never been a Grand Prix on 18th November. However, the 1960 USGP was held on 20th November. Which constructor scored its first one-two?

Lotus, through Stirling Moss and Innes Ireland

2. The last United States Grand Prix was at Indianapolis in 2007. Which driver was fifth behind the McLarens and Ferraris?

Heikki Kovalainen of Renault

3. That race also saw the d├ębut of Sebastian Vettel, who is likely to start his 100th Grand Prix in Texas. How many of his previous 99 has he led at some point?

46 - for a full point
45 or 47 is worth three-quarters of a point
44 or 48 is worth half a point
43 or 49 is worth one-quarter of a point

4. How are Vettel's 45 podiums split?

(a) 26-15-4 (b) 26-11-8 (c) 26-7-12 (d) 28-6-11 (e) 28-15-2

b - 26 wins, 11 second, 8 third

5. Romain Grosjean is likely to start his 25th Grand Prix. How many times has he retired from Grands Prix?

Half a point - 8 and 10

6. The US (West) Grand Prix of 1982 saw Niki Lauda's first win of his comeback and 18th overall. Who was on pole?

Andrea de Cesaris for the only time for Alfa Romeo.

7. The Abu Dhabi GP saw a victory for Kimi Raikkonen in car #9. In which year did he take 7 wins in car #9?


8. Car #9 hasn't won a race in anyone else's hands since 1998. Who took it to victory back then?

Damon Hill for Jordan at Spa

9. Name the two drivers, for half a point each, to score points in each of the last 8 races.

Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen (who is on 15-in-a-row)

10. How many races have there been this season where Red Bull did not score the 4 points they will require to win the Constructors' title in Austin?

One - Their double-DNF at Monza
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