Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Japanese Grand Prix


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Fed up of talking about Lewis Hamilton? Well, there's a Grand Prix up coming, where another story may burst into the limelight. Also, Lewis Hamilton will be racing...!

1. The Japanese Grand Prix marks six years to the day it all went wrong for Lewis Hamilton in Shanghai. Which milestone did Ferrari hit that day?

200th victory, in Kimi Raikkonen's hands

2. It is 50 years to the day that Jim Clark won his 3rd Grand Prix, at Watkins Glen. How many Lotus cars started the race?


3. Another, sadder, anniversary will be of the 1973 US Grand Prix meet where Fran├žois Cevert died. Who is the only one of the podium finishers that day still alive?

Carlos Reutemann. (The others were James Hunt and winner Ronnie Peterson)

4. Pedro de la Rosa is likely to start his 100th Grand Prix. How many Grands Prix has Rubens Barrichello started since Pedro's debut at the 1999 Australian Grand Prix?

(a) 206 (b) 226 (c) 246 (d) 266

b - 226. Needless to say, that's the record.

5. In Singapore, Sebastian Vettel became the 56th driver to race his 5000th lap in F1. How many of today's grid have raced more than 5000 laps, other than Vettel.

9 - Heikki Kovalainen (5504), Lewis Hamilton (5768), Nico Rosberg (6543), Kimi Raikkonen (8788), Felipe Massa (9265), Mark Webber (9635), Fernando Alonso (10628), Jenson Button (11713) and Michael Schumacher (16481)

6. What percentage of Vettel's first 5000 laps did he lead?

(a) 30.7%, (b) 34.7% (c) 38.7%, (d) 42.7%

Its a - 30.7% - 1535 laps!

7. Name the 5 drivers to set their first fastest laps this season for 2/5 of a point each.

Kamui Kobayashi - China
Romain Grosjean - Spain
Sergio Perez - Monaco
Bruno Senna - Belgium
Nico Hulkenburg - Singapore

You don't need the Grands Prix to get the points, just the names.

8. Which driver "did a Maldonado" within the last 10 years and scored a win and only one minor points finish for the season?

Giancarlo Fisichella, 2003 (win in Brazil).

9. Kamui Kobayashi is looking for his 25th career points finish this weekend. This would bring him level with the first World Champion, Nino Farina, and a former Alfa Romeo driver from their 1980s revival. Who?

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Well, 3.2 for certain but I think I am giving myself 4.2 because I clicked the wrong spoiler and revealed the answer to the next question rather than the one I was answering, but I would have got the next one!

Either way, pretty good for me :D
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