Grand Prix 2012 Chinese Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion


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If Alonso was in the Williams which finished 7th and 8th based on what he can d0with the Ferrari he would in the top 6 at most weekends probably battling for 3rd spot with his relentless pace but the wins are out of reach


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I think all analysis after the race has showed the harder prime tyre was the best tyre to be on for raw speed and degradation. McLaren put the soft tyre on both their cars for the 2nd stint when almost everyone else was on hard (In-fact only 4 other cars, 2 being HRT put on soft tyres for the 2nd stint). I think this cost them a little potentially. On lap 20 they were in 2nd and 3rd place, with a 4 and 6 second gap to Nico respectively. However, they then pitted again on laps 24 and 22 as the soft was never going to last that much longer and they'd realised the prime was a better tyre to be on by then. This put them out into traffic, when if they'd had the prime on for the 2nd stint they'd of been able to stay out on it longer, pull a larger gap and probably get back out into relatively clean air. I'm not sure if McLaren had the pace of Nico, but on the prime they were very quick at times when in clean air.

I saw a few things said about Alonso and him saying he could have been at least 6th. He is actually completely right, when he was in clean air today he was one of the quickest on circuit. For example, between lap 33 - 35 he gained 5 seconds on Hamilton, because Hamilton was stuck behind Perez. BUT, when Perez pitted, the following 2 laps in clear air Hamilton did a 1.41.5 and a 1.41.7. Alonso did a 1.41.9 and 1.41.7. Admittedly, Hamilton's tyres were 5 laps older, but they weren't showing signs of degradation. At this point in time Jenson was in the lead in clean air and did a 1.42.0 and 1.41.8 on tyres 2 laps newer than Hamilton. So this showed 2 things, that Alonso had very solid pace and Hamilton on that 2nd stint, even though he had much more traffic, kept his tyres in better condition than Jenson. This kind of goes against Ted Kravitz's random comments in his Notebook video where he says Hamilton was using his tyres more than Jenson again - which I was really surprised to hear as in this race it didn't appear so at all, he just had more traffic. Anyway back to the original point of Alonso - if he'd of been able to make a few more passing moves and crucially not had that off the track moment then he'd of been in 6th no doubt. He was right behind Hamilton on that last stint remember until he went off track. I think track position was king today, or at least it was much more important than anticipated and overtaking much more difficult. If those guys who went for a long final stint would have kept their tyres in for another 4 or 5 laps then the podium could have been completely different.

My favorite moment of the race has to be Alonso sandwiched with a car either side of him all going for it into turn 1 or the 2 Saubers going hell for leather at the end of the back straight with another 2 cars very close to them! Crazy but brilliant.



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If Alonso was in the Williams which finished 7th and 8th based on what he can d0with the Ferrari he would in the top 6 at most weekends probably battling for 3rd spot with his relentless pace but the wins are out of reach
The way this season is going I wouldn't say a win is out of reach for anybody. Except HRT. They dont count.


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The Williams is not quite fast enough to be a race winner but on a good day could snatch a podium

yes this season could be tight with so many teams fighting for the victory judging by quali

I don;t think HRT and Marussia can win at the the mioment

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I still think that's an unsafe release, because had Mclaren released Hamilton into the path on Massa at Malaysia they would probably have got a penalty so what's the difference?


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Not been here since Saturday, but my thoughts on the race:

It was quite boring from lap 10 to lap 40, processional, not much happening. But got very exciting towards the end.

If Schumacher didn't have the bad pitstop, I do think it would have been a Mercedes 1-2, and it would have been great if it was, for the sport, the team, and the drivers. I'm quite glad Mercedes have won a race, especially when it seemed as if they were on the backfoot, I just hope that they become regular contenders and don't do a BMW, was very disappoiinted when BMW pulled out.

Anyway, Barbie (Rosberg) was great, did he get let off the hook? Who knows. Amazing qualifying lap, but his heart was probably in his mouth when he went off the track losing several seconds while his team-mate was on his out-lap with a fresh set. Very camp how he got out of the car at the end LOL

Button had an electric start, with all the problems he should be happy with 2nd. Same goes for Hamilton who did really well, but what puzzled me, was Alonso, right up there, on Hamilton's gearbox in and out of the pits, then goes and fiinishes in 9th. :thinking:

I think it was a shame for how Raikkonen's race went, he was right up there, but Lotus's pitstops and strategies have cost the team several points again. I thought he raced really well.

Vettel had a good recovery, from 15th to 5th, like Raikkonen he did well too on worn tyres.

Fair dinkum (Webber) is just anonymous and getting the job done, but I love how he was trying to take off again ROFL

Both Sauber's where poor along with Force India's. I think Perez is like Maldonado, he's quite dangerous, I remember Rosberg mentioning this recently, and I still think he was a bit too aggressive with his jink towards Schumacher in Singapore.

Williams are doing well, that car is seriously quick, whether it's because it's two young drivers trying to prove something, or because it's just damn fast, and could be faster with a better driver, we just don't know due to their line up.

It's good to see Mercedes on the top step :)
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